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Lost Remote: Q&A on Bloomberg TV’s new iPad app

Lost Remote has an interview with global head of mobile at Bloomberg Oke Okaro on the TV channel’s new iPad app, which was released yesterday.

The free app allows any iPad user to stream Bloomberg TV’s full 24-hour broadcast over WiFi or 3G.

The post states:

Bloomberg’s decision to make their TV content available to any iPad user sets an extremely innovative precedent in a TV world dominated by [US cable television] network-MSO relationships.

Lost Remote goes on to explain:

While the app’s main focus is video, users can also get live market data and related news for companies mentioned in videos. You can customize Bloomberg’s familiar scrolling ticker.

Other added features include the ability to watch in landscape or portrait, download videos for offline viewing, search the content library, schedule reminders for upcoming shows, and share via social networks.


OJB: UGC, the Giffords shooting and how ‘inaction can be newsworthy’

Paul Bradshaw’s Online Journalism Blog has an interesting look at user-generated content and comment moderation, and the stories they can produce.

Bradshaw looks specifically at Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, which has been subject to strict moderation in the wake of the assassination attempt on Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. He points out that the decisions to remove certain comments and let others stand can be seen as representative of the page owner’s stance and could potentially give rise to a story.

Bradshaw also warns that trawling through comment threads on political pages is not the same as treading the streets. What you see there is not unadulterated content, it is closer to carefully edited campaign material.

Worth reading in full.

Full post on the Online Journalism Blog at this link.

Lost Remote has a post on another media issue to emerge from the Giffords shooting: the spreading of inaccurate claims on Twitter that Giffords had died, and subsequent removal of tweets by news organisations.

Full post on Lost Remote at this link.

CNN launches badge system for iReporters

CNN has announced on its blog that it is rolling out a new badge system which aims to recognise contributions from their iReporters.

The first badge ‘On the campaign trail’ can be received by downloading the free CNN Election app and taking part in the iReport Election Challenge.

We’ll be rolling out more badges in the next few weeks, so you will be able to earn them by posting iReports, jumping into the comments and getting involved in the community (we’ve also got a few surprise badges up our sleeves). This will be a big improvement over the current “Superstar” system, because it will acknowledge everyone’s participation and give a clearer picture of iReporters’ activity.

Hatip: Lost Remote

NearSay offers ‘neighbourhood news’ to New York

NearSay, a new local and hyperlocal news site, has been launched in Manhattan according to a report by Lost Remote.

The site reportedly uses both aggregated information chosen by editors as well as stories currently filed by around 80 contributors.

According to NearSay’s website, its mission is “high quality neighbourhood news”:


  • Let you personalise the news.  You tell us what neighborhoods and topics you care about;
  • Manage a veteran newsroom that covers the stories from your favorite publications, so there is less clutter in your inbox;
  • Curate every story on the site for quality and feature just the best of NearSay;
  • Show you the influential local voices who tell the inside scoop of what’s happening.

Lost Remote says it believes the site will branch out beyond Manhatten soon.

Lost Remote: Google Wave in the newsroom

Steve Safran from Lost Remote adds a reflective take on Google Wave to the comment mounting up about it’s demise. According to Safran, the platform’s processes could be mirrored in the newsroom.

Back in September 2009, I wrote in the AR&D Newsletter: “Imagine starting a wave in your office about a news topic. People can constantly add to it, putting in the latest pictures, video and information. The assignment desk can contribute its findings and the reporters and producers have instant access, as well as the ability to add more. We don’t yet know how newsrooms can fully take advantage of this tool (and isn’t that wonderful?) but we do believe it will be a powerful way to have the entire staff work together.”

I was wrong.

Despite the product failing, says Safran, the experimentation should be admired.

See his full post here…

Lost Remote: New journalism programme to mix digital storytelling and business

“Even with the state of journalism today,” claims Lost Remote’s Cory Bergman, “most university professors would be loath to meld a curriculum of storytelling with the business side of the equation”. This is not the case at the University of Washington digital media programme though, which aims to become the ‘Columbia Journalism School of digital media and communication’, and teach “a unique blend of digital storytelling, social media and the business of digital media”.

“The three go together,” says Hanson Hosein, the director of the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program and a former NBC News correspondent who covered the Iraq war as a one-man band. “We’re hearing from our applicants that there’s nothing else like our program.”

Full story at this link…

Lost Remote: Newsday’s 35 subscriber pay wall

Since Newsday, a newspaper based in Long Island, New York, put up its $5-a-week paywall three months ago, only 35 people have signed up. “That’s a gross of $9,100 per year for the site,” reports Lost Remote.

Full post at this link…

More on AllThingsD at this link…

Lost Remote’s new iPhone app

Local media blog Lost Remote has launched a free iPhone app. Journalism.co.uk will have a play with it today and let you know what we think. In the meantime, here’s the link. The site explains the process, below:

We used the company AppMakr to develop the app, and based upon the results, we recommend you give it a try. The company charges all of $199 for a basic app, and I set it up in minutes using the Lost Remote RSS feed. The process was simple. AppMakr submitted it to Apple, and within about it [sic] week, it went live. We’d love to get your feedback. Download the LR app, and tell us what you think.

TechFlash.com: US-based Mywedding.com plans expansion

Where publishing is hiring:

Mywedding.com, an online wedding planning site first set up in Seattle, is opening new headquarters in Colorado, with plans to add 17 jobs, reports TechFlash.com.

The company currently employs 33 people at its various offices, with CEO Woody Pastorious splitting his time between the offices. The new positions will help support the company’s growth, which McGarvey said has occurred through word-of-mouth.

Mywedding.com – which has been profitable since inception – now claims more than 30 million page views per month.

Full post at this link…

Hat-tip: Lost Remote.