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Lost Remote: New journalism programme to mix digital storytelling and business

“Even with the state of journalism today,” claims Lost Remote’s Cory Bergman, “most university professors would be loath to meld a curriculum of storytelling with the business side of the equation”. This is not the case at the University of Washington digital media programme though, which aims to become the ‘Columbia Journalism School of digital media and communication’, and teach “a unique blend of digital storytelling, social media and the business of digital media”.

“The three go together,” says Hanson Hosein, the director of the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program and a former NBC News correspondent who covered the Iraq war as a one-man band. “We’re hearing from our applicants that there’s nothing else like our program.”

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Mashable: Slideshow on ‘the future journalist’ – what will they need?

Great presentation from Mashable on ‘The future journalist: thoughts from two generations‘.

Created for Mashable’s NextUpNYC event the presentation was part of an on-stage discussion between Sree Sreenivasan, a professor and dean of student affairs at Columbia Journalism School, and his former student and Mashable contributor Vadim Lavrusik, which looked at the skills need by the journalist of the future, their approach to the business side of journalism and their use of social and multimedia:

Columbia Journalism School report proposes tax changes to boost US journalism

Foundations, universities and other third-party organisations must play an increasing role in maintaining public affairs news coverage in the US – as part of their commitment to ‘a continuous public good’, a new report into the future of US journalism has suggested.

The US-focused study looks at the future of ‘accountability journalism’, in particular in an age of declining fortunes for newspapers, who traditionally carried out this role.

The Columbia Journalism School report, written by former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr and j-school professor Michael Schudson, makes proposals for changes to US tax codes, including recognising news orgs committed to reporting on public affairs as non-profit entities, entitling them to tax-deductible donations.

Collaboration – between journalists, foundations and other stakeholders – will be increasingly important for producing news in the public interest, the report suggests – many such partnerships are already being formed, it observed.

“The report does not envision newspapers disappearing, but it also does not regard restoring newspaper staffs to their former size as possible. It looks forward to a new, mostly digital, era of news production, in which newspapers will continue to have a leading role, but as part of a much larger cast of featured players,” explained Columbia Journalism School dean Nicholas Lemann in a statement.

“It may not be essential to save or promote any particular news medium, including printed newspapers. What is paramount is preserving independent, original, credible reporting, whether or not it is popular or profitable, and regardless of the medium in which it appears,” add Downie and Schudson in the report.

An increasing number of online journalism initiatives suggested to the report authors that a mixture of for-profit, low-profit and non-profit news sources could be developed to support public affairs journalism.

An edited version of the report is available on the Columbia Journalism School website, while reaction and some criticisms can be found on the Columbia Journalism Review site.

NYMag.com: ‘Columbia J-School’s existential crisis’

A provocatively titled article on NYMag.com, looking at Columbia Journalism School’s future. Following the news that the NYTimes’ ‘The Local’ project will be assisted by CUNY students, Erica Orden writes:

“CUNY? Since when does CUNY trump Columbia? Well, since digital journalism became the single ray of hope on an otherwise dark media horizon, and Columbia’s vaunted ability to train students as print reporters began to appear obsolete. And so the school is trying to change. Fast.

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BusinessInsider: Advertising will arrive at the Daily Beast ‘by late spring,’ says Brown

“Speaking at an event at the Columbia Journalism School on Thursday, the Daily Beast’s  Tina Brown said she thought advertising would debut on the site ‘by late spring,”the BusinessInsider blog reports.

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