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J-school sourcing? CUNY takes over NYTimes.com’s The Local

New York based journalism school CUNY is to take over the New York Times’ Brooklyn blog, The Local.

Now, the daily responsibility for operating the blog covering Fort Greene and Clinton Hill will rest not with Times journalists, but with professors and students at the CUNY program.

More from The Local at this link; more from the New York Times at this link.

Meanwhile, CUNY professor Jeff Jarvis tweeted this, picking up on @xjparker’s comment:

CUNY New Business Models for News, as seen in Aspen

Today sees the last day of the Aspen Institute FOCAS (Forum on Communications and Society) event in Colorado. Find the full agenda here.

The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism is one of its key collaborators and the  New Business Models for News project presentation can be found here at this link.

Jeff Jarvis, associate professor of journalism at CUNY and director of the Interactive Program, shares his thoughts from Aspen on his blog.

Daily Finance: Some journalism graduates are finding journalism jobs

According to figures for last month from Columbia University’s Graduate School of journalism, 197 or 64 per cent of graduates already had journalism jobs (or equivalent internships/further study plans) lined up.

The stat is better than the situation this time last year for the school’s graduates and is backed up by similarly positive figures for the most recent crop of City University of New York graduates, the report states.

Full story at this link…

Journalism students and tutors – what’s the picture where you are? Are you seeing new areas of employment open up?

Speaking to a recent journalism graduate at a leading school in the UK, Journalism.co.uk was told that only 3 from a year of 75 had received job offers – two of which were in PR.

NYMag.com: ‘Columbia J-School’s existential crisis’

A provocatively titled article on NYMag.com, looking at Columbia Journalism School’s future. Following the news that the NYTimes’ ‘The Local’ project will be assisted by CUNY students, Erica Orden writes:

“CUNY? Since when does CUNY trump Columbia? Well, since digital journalism became the single ray of hope on an otherwise dark media horizon, and Columbia’s vaunted ability to train students as print reporters began to appear obsolete. And so the school is trying to change. Fast.

Full story at this link…

Brownstoner: New York Times launches local pro-am blogs

News reaches us from blogger Brownstoner about the New York Times’ plans to launch a series of neighbourhood blogs – starting with two test sites for the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill areas.

Each site will be headed by a New York Times staffer as editor, but contributions from the public, in particular from CUNY’s journalism programme, will be solicited.

The Times has already teamed up with Everyblock to provide localised data for its political content – will any of Everyblock’s information be deployed on the new local blogs?

Journalism.co.uk is looking into the launch to find out more.

Full post at this link…