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Columbia Missourian: Journalism students advised to buy iPod Touch or iPhone

Freshmen admitted into the School of Journalism and pre-journalism students are being advised to purchase an iPod Touch or iPhone to aid their studies at the Missouri School of Journalism, the Columbia Missourian reports.

The requirement will not be enforced, however, and there will not be a penalty for students who choose not to buy the items, the associate dean of the school told the reporter.

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NYMag.com: ‘Columbia J-School’s existential crisis’

A provocatively titled article on NYMag.com, looking at Columbia Journalism School’s future. Following the news that the NYTimes’ ‘The Local’ project will be assisted by CUNY students, Erica Orden writes:

“CUNY? Since when does CUNY trump Columbia? Well, since digital journalism became the single ray of hope on an otherwise dark media horizon, and Columbia’s vaunted ability to train students as print reporters began to appear obsolete. And so the school is trying to change. Fast.

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