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Lost Remote: How WCCO broke a story on Twitter

From Lost Remote, a story about how a TV station broke a story via Twitter in the US.

“When a source told WCCO-TV’s Mark Rosen that Brett Favre would join the Minnesota Vikings, he sent out a tweet. Moments later, other reporters re-tweeted the news, and it was piped out to Facebook. Soon, WCCO was one of the top three trending topics on Twitter, reports MinnPost, sending a big traffic burst to WCCO.com. The tweet beat WCCO’s TV coverage, but not by much.”

Full post at this link…

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Qik could soon be live-streaming from iPhone

As reported over at Lost Remote, Qik, the video broadcasting site, are very close to launching a nifty application to allow users stream straight from their iPhones.

This video discusses how the application will also make use of GPS to further improve user interaction.

As Lost Remote says, ‘the challenge, of course, is how to organize all these streams into useful and entertaining experiences.’

Fox News TV aggregated through LiveNewsCameras.com

LiveNewsCameras.com image

LiveNewsCameras.com is a site that streams all the feeds of Fox News affiliated stations across the US (it even includes the UK’s Sky News) from a single destination.

According to Lost Remote, the site is the brainchild of the team at Fox Chicago who had the idea to show the wider-world the feeds they look at all day in the studio.

The site also has a moderator who explains what’s going on and what’s about to happen through a web cam, there is also a Twitter feed embedded into the page for extra updates.