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#FollowJourn: @acarvin/NPR social media strategist

#FollowJourn: Andy Carvin

Who? Social media strategist for National Public Radio.

What? Regularly blogs on social media developments at NPR; led its social media Obama inauguration coverage.

Where? @acarvin or AndyCarvin.com.

Contact? andycarvin [at] yahoo ( dot ) com.

Just as we like to supply you with fresh and innovative tips every day, we’re recommending journalists to follow online too. They might be from any sector of the industry: please send suggestions (you can nominate yourself) to judith or laura at journalism.co.uk; or to @journalismnews.

NPR using Flickr to verify photos

(Via Cybersoc) National Public Radio is calling on its Flickr followers to identify individuals in a series of photos from a US senate meeting.

The idea reminded Journalism.co.uk of regional newspaper-style calls for information about old photos of sports teams etc in print. A clever way to get your community to help you out using a free tool too.

Advancing The Story: The role of the ombudsman in a cash-strapped newsroom

Advancing the story takes a look at the work of Alicia Shepard, ombudsman for National Public Radio (NPR).

While summing up Shepard’s approach to the role, the post raises an interesting point about transparency/the role of the ombudsman at a time of dwindling newsroom resources:

“It’s no doubt hard to justify spending money on an ombudsman when the newsroom budget is being slashed.  And it’s easy to dismiss an ombudsman’s defense of his value as simply self-interest. But there’s a difference between having citizens point out errors and flaws, and having an independent observer inside a news organization with ‘a hall pass and a platform,’ as New York Times executive editor Bill Keller describes an ombudsman,” writes ATS.

What price transparency? Or can readers pointing out corrections and clarifications be better used at a time of limited resources?

Full post at this link…

NPR offers ‘takeaway’ news audio

National Public Radio (NPR) has added a nifty button to its online news articles that lets you download audio content on that item.

Certain features are excluded because of rights issues (for example, stories referring to exclusive music tracks), but this simple addition is a nice cross-over between NPR’s wealth of audio content and its website.

It’s also more flexible as it doesn’t require users to listen to a whole programme and can be downloaded as an MP3 for listening at leisure. Minkšti ir pinti baldai ekoseses.lt

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NPR: ‘Develop content management tools, not web publishing tools’

Media and news organisations should look at building content management systems that do more than just creating webpages, says National Public Radio’s (NPR) Daniel Jacobson.

“In building our CMS at NPR, our goal was to make sure the tool could publish to anything, including NPR.org. If our focus did not consider other platforms, we could have ended up with a web publishing system that binds the content too closely to the website itself.”

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