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NPR using Flickr to verify photos

(Via Cybersoc) National Public Radio is calling on its Flickr followers to identify individuals in a series of photos from a US senate meeting.

The idea reminded Journalism.co.uk of regional newspaper-style calls for information about old photos of sports teams etc in print. A clever way to get your community to help you out using a free tool too.

Ariana Huffington: ‘Journalism will not only survive but thrive’

“…but the discussion needs to move on from ‘how are we going to save newspapers’ to ‘how do we save and strengthen journalism, however it is delivered’,” Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington said yesterday in her testimony on the future of journalism to a US senate sub-committee.

“We’re in the middle of a golden age for news consumption (…) the future of journalism is not dependent on the future of newspapers.”

Lots of very interesting comments from Huffington – obituaries for many newspapers are unnecessary; press credentials for events need to be reviewed to include more digital journalists.

Full post and videos at this link…

Politico hires Newsday’s Glenn Thrush

US political news and blog site Politico has recruited Newsday reporter Glenn Thrush, according to the site’s Ben Smith, who made the announcement of Thrush’s appointment in a blog post.

Thrush joins the site after five years at Newsday, where he began covering New York city hall before joining the title’s Washington bureau in 2005 to cover the US senate.