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paidContent:UK: IHT.com will keep its own identity on NYTimes.com site

Forbes.com originally reported the site would shut down, but that is not the case, Vivian Schiller, SVP and GM of NYTimes.com told paidContent. “The idea is to have one big global brand under one roof,” she said, stressing that IHT content would be co-branded and feature IHT specific content.

NYTimes.com slide shows generate 7 per cent of page views

Do you know that 7 per cent of the NYT page views come just from its slide shows – that’s pretty incredible , isn’t it?

Vivian Schiller explains it to Beet TV  – in a video package – that the new slide show template the Times has been using has sent their popularity ‘though the roof’.

This is part of  a general upward trend that has seen audience on NYTimes.com growing dramatically, she added, saying from August to October this year is has increased 35 per cent through new editorial ventures (including removing Times Select and allowing the web in).