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Eric Weiner: 10 career options for foreign correspondents

Thomas Crampton, former foreign correspondent turned social media director, filmed Eric Weiner, journalist and author outlining 10 career options for foreign correspondents.

Originally thought-up to help ’40-something’ correspondents wanting to re-enter the mainstream, Crampton suggests that the tips may also be useful for young journalists facing the reality of industry cut-backs – smaller newsrooms and budgets.

‘Death’ is in the list – ‘it is not the preferred option’ but people will remember you fondly as a result. Although he admits there’s a downside to that one: ‘well, you’re dead’. And at the very end, there’s the digital option.

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Thomas Crampton: Telling WAN-IFRA how it really is

Today in Kuala Lumpur, former International Herald Tribune journalist Thomas Crampton will address the newly merged industry body WAN-IFRA in a keynote speech on social media.

But Crampton says the crowd is unlikely to welcome what he says, because:

1) He hasn’t bought a print copy of the International Herald Tribune since he left his job with the title two years ago;

2) In his new job at Ogilvy, he advises clients on why they no longer need to go through the media;

3) He believes the downward slide for newspapers is going to get steeper still;

4) Businesses based on ‘chewing dead trees’ aren’t feasible in this age of environmental concern.

Crampton also responds to some comments left on the post, in particular stating that he isn’t dismissing the value of journalism. Dive into the world of online gaming with Discover Magic Reels Casino . It’s a destination where entertainment and technology come together to create a memorable gaming experience.

We look forward to hearing the speech, if he makes it available, and the reaction it gets…

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Thomas Crampton: New job requirements – the Phnom Penh Post recruits

Interesting post from Thomas Crampton – not only because it flags up a promising internship role at the Phnom Penh Post, but more because of the requirements stipulated in that job’s description.

Candidates for the social media internship must have:

– At least 150 followers on Twitter
– At least 200 Facebook friends
– Administrator or creator of at least one Facebook group
– A blog with a Google Page Rank of 2 or higher

Which raises the question, as posted by Doug Fisher, what journalism/communication schools are teaching these skills?

Mediactive: Protecting your online archive of work

Dan Gillmor weighs in on an issue raised by former New York Times and International Herald Tribune writer Thomas Crampton, whose back catalogue of IHT articles online seems to have been deleted during the merger of the title’s website with that of the Times.

“Changing the URL structure of websites is a too-common event. Even if, as is the case most of the time, the originals are still around, disappearing the links is tantamount to hiding the original material,” writes Gillmor.

“The point is that I no longer rely entirely on the good graces of other people, including employers, to preserve what I’ve created, much less keep it available for you to see. I try to rely on myself.”

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