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Mediactive: Protecting your online archive of work

Dan Gillmor weighs in on an issue raised by former New York Times and International Herald Tribune writer Thomas Crampton, whose back catalogue of IHT articles online seems to have been deleted during the merger of the title’s website with that of the Times.

“Changing the URL structure of websites is a too-common event. Even if, as is the case most of the time, the originals are still around, disappearing the links is tantamount to hiding the original material,” writes Gillmor.

“The point is that I no longer rely entirely on the good graces of other people, including employers, to preserve what I’ve created, much less keep it available for you to see. I try to rely on myself.”

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Nieman Journalism Lab: How NPR maximised its news archive

Nieman Journalism Lab reports on NPR’s ‘backstory’ project – a Twitter account, automatically fed, that updates with relevant archive content around current trends.

The code that powers it detects if lots of people suddenly start searching for a certain term and searches NPR’s archives for related stories, before posting a link to Twitter.

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Googleblog: archived newspapers going online

Google is making it its mission to make old newspapers available online. The search giant will partner with newspaper publishers to digitize millions of pages of news archives, and hopes to make more newspapers accessible and searchable online. In time
these archives will be blended into the main Google search results.

Australian National Library opens newspaper archive

Australia’s National Library has launched an archive of images and articles from Australian newspapers between 1803 and 1954.

The beta site currently features scanned pictures and text from 11 titles.

Content is easily navigable thanks to a panning tool and zoom controls, and can be searched by date, title, state or article keyword.

BBC appoints Roly Keating as first archive director

The BBC has named BBC Two controller Roly Keating as its first director of archive content.

Keating, who will take up his new role in October, will be responsible for the corporation’s tv, radio and multimedia archive. He will be tasked with increasing public access to this content, a press release from the BBC said.

He will work with the newly appointed director of the BBC’s Future Media & Technology department Erik Huggers on the digitisation of the archive and take charge of BBC archived content on on-demand services such as the iPlayer.

“Unlocking the value of broadcast archives is one of the great opportunities opened up by digital media – and the BBC has the greatest archive of them all, with untold potential public value,” he said.

The BBC Two controller position will be advertised in the autumn.

ITN to provide archive video footage for Al Jazeera

ITN Source has signed a ‘six figure’ deal with Al Jazeera to make 800,000 hours of archived video content available to the broadcaster, a press release has said.

The network and production companies making programmes for Al Jazeera will have access to footage from Channel 4, Reuters, Granada and ITN as part of the deal.

The agreement covers both transmission on the Al Jazeera Network and through online outlets, including its YouTube channel, for five years.

Times opens up 200-year digital archive

The Times has officially opened up its digital archive of 200 years of newspapers.

The archive, which was launched in beta last month, features content from the paper between January 1 1785 and December 31 1985.

A few pages are missing, according to the site’s FAQs, and there are no editions from December 1 1978 to November 12 1979 because of an industrial dispute at the time.

Each edition has been digitally scanned and the archive has a very speedy and accurate search.

Access to the archive will be free for an introductory period, but registration with TimesOnline is required.

New York Times offers 70-year digital archive

The New York Times has developed a digital archive of all volumes of the paper from 1851 to 1922.

Beginning with the first ever edition on September 18 1851, the TimesMachine displays entire editions of the paper which can be scanned page by page or as thumbnails.

A sample of the archive is available to all users, but only home delivery subscribers and libraries have unlimited access.