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Comment Is Free: Meyer wrong to ‘pour scorn’ on Mosley, says lawyer

Dominic Crossley, whose firm represented Max Mosley in his case against News of the World, has responded to comments made by Sir Christopher Meyer, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), to a select committee for culture, media and sport last week.

Meyer chose to ‘pour scorn’ on Mosley and not the News of the World, despite the fact that Mosley won his case and a breach of privacy was found in his favour, writes Crossley.

“[I]nstead of criticising the News of the World or even warning those involved as to their future conduct (both the editor and journalist concerned remain in their roles), the chairman of the PCC reserves his scorn for Mosley. Meyer’s approach does nothing to relieve the perception that anyone seeking redress from a national newspaper is wasting his or her time by going to the PCC,” he says.

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Rebekah Wade’s first public speech in full

If the Wordle and other coverage isn’t enough, here’s the Hugh Cudlipp speech by the editor of the Sun, Rebekah Wade, in full [note: may have differed very slightly in actual delivery]:

The challenging future of national and regional newspapers is now the staple diet of media commentators.

If you have been reading the press writing about the press you’d all be forgiven for questioning your choice of career.

I’m not denying we’re in a tough place – we are.

But I don’t want to use this speech to make grand statements on the future of our industry.

I want to talk to you about journalism.

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NOTW’s reporting on Max Mosley was out of context and unethical, says undercover reporter

Undercover journalism has no role in reporting on meetings – in private or public places – between people in power and celebrities or individuals known to have vast wealth or power, investigative journalist Tessa Mayes told journalism students at Coventry University at last week.

Probably best known for ‘Sleepers: undercover in the sex trade‘ broadcast on Channel 4 in 2001 (when she worked as a receptionist to investigate the conditions endured by many illegal sex workers in the UK), Mayes told students at the ‘Coventry Conversations’ session that ‘investigative journalism has in recent times been branded “dead” by many in the world’s media, but that was far from the truth’.

The News of the World’s Nazi sex expose of FIA president, Max Mosley, was unethical and in bad taste, Mayes said. That type of exposure was ‘just the beginning of the investigative process’, she said.

“These are people caught up in a private moment, caught during free speech. You have to approach investigative journalism in context because it is an intrusive form of gathering information.

“I think you have to look long and hard if you want to do this at the way we present the evidence. We have to get answers for the right reasons, even though objectivity has been heavily criticised in recent years,” she added.

News of the World launches website redesign in beta

The News of the World has launched a beta version of its website redesign.

The version is being used to test the new look, which introduces a slightly wider page size, an overhead navigation bar and a reduced left-hand navigation menu.

The redesign brings NOTW.co.uk more in line with the recently revamped Sun website.

The ‘below the fold’ section of the homepage is significantly tidier with less content, stronger section headings and clearer dividing lines between them.

A section devoted to six of the best stories from the NOTW’s archive also makes its debut on the right-hand side of the homepage – a feature that used in varying ways across the site’s sections.

Usurping the current ‘sell your story for cash’ ad, is the site’s enhanced video player, which no longer launches in a separate window.

The video player looks striking with its black background and cleaner with a reduced number of content tabs. A built-in video search tool is a welcome addition. Video isn’t yet embedded into the site’s article pages.

There’s more depth to the new design: news, sport and other sections have their own pages and a presence away from the homepage.

The Register: Mosley judge dismisses forum libel complaints

Justice Eady, the judge who awarded Max Mosley damages in his privacy case against the News of the World, has blocked a contributor from suing an online forum.

The decision, which places a civil restraint order on Nigel Smith, ends 37 sets of libel proceedings launched by Smith against other forum users and the ADVFN forum itself.

TimesOnline: News of the World acted like ‘Peeping Tom’ with Max Mosley video report, court hears

Max Mosley’s breach of privacy case against the News of the World has started today.

Earlier this year the paper published a series of articles and video footage of Mosley participating in an orgy.

The FIA president doesn’t deny the orgy took place, but has dismissed claims by NOTW he was participating in ‘Nazi role-play’.

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Press Gazette: Mosley sues NoW in French courts over Nazi orgy story

Motorsport boss Max Mosley has launched a libel claim in the French courts against the News of the World over allegations he engaged in a Nazi-themed orgy.

The UK Sunday newspaper alleged that Mosley had been involved in a London orgy with five prostitutes and posted video of the affair on its website.

Moseley failed with a legal attempt in the English courts to get the video taken down and has now decided to pursue the matter in the French courts.

The action has been made possible because the print edition of News of the World is available in France and the online version was also accessible.

Moseley is also about to embark on a separate breach of privacy case in the UK. This issue has been scheduled for court in July.

PIXSTA develops ‘image-to-image’ search engine

Search firm PIXSTA has developed what it describes as a contextual search engine for images.

The engine will let users search by image rather than text creating – according to PIXSTA – ‘the most sophisticated and accurate image search engine in the world’.

From a random starting point a user clicks on an image to bring up similar images. As such, the engine’s primary use will be for searching for products, such as clothes, jewellery or shoes, and when an image is selected for purchase users are taken beyond the retailer’s homepage to the individual page of that product.

Screenshot of live PIXSTA search on News of the World’s Fabulous website

The search engine, which has been five years in the making, is currently being trialled on the News of the World’s Fabulous site, handbag.com and ElleUK and is making some bold claims about its potential.

“Being able to use an image as a search term means we have absolutely stolen a march on the likes of Google, whose image search still relies on text search terms. We have a real-world solution, which doesn’t require a huge leap in user understanding or a massive change in their behaviour. It’s working now and already generating revenue,” says Alexander Straub, CEO of PIXSTA on the firm’s blog.

NOTW website wins right to show Mosley ‘Nazi-orgy’ video

The News of the World has been granted permission to republish a video on its website of Max Mosley, despite attempts by the formula one boss to have the footage removed.

Mosley, who is alleged to have participated in a Nazi-style orgy, had sought a High Court injunction banning the newspaper from showing the video or using images of the incident in the paper.

His application was refused today prompting a fighting statement from the paper’s legal manager Tom Crone, which said Mosley’s attempts to ‘suppress’ the video had ‘failed’.

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