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Comment Is Free: Meyer wrong to ‘pour scorn’ on Mosley, says lawyer

Dominic Crossley, whose firm represented Max Mosley in his case against News of the World, has responded to comments made by Sir Christopher Meyer, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), to a select committee for culture, media and sport last week.

Meyer chose to ‘pour scorn’ on Mosley and not the News of the World, despite the fact that Mosley won his case and a breach of privacy was found in his favour, writes Crossley.

“[I]nstead of criticising the News of the World or even warning those involved as to their future conduct (both the editor and journalist concerned remain in their roles), the chairman of the PCC reserves his scorn for Mosley. Meyer’s approach does nothing to relieve the perception that anyone seeking redress from a national newspaper is wasting his or her time by going to the PCC,” he says.

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Time to outsource the journalists?

We received a friendly email at Journalism.co.uk towers pitching the services of WebEdit – ‘a web-based service provider for all journalism related activities’ (quite a hefty claim in itself).

When you’ve got friends like WebEdit, who needs full-time staff?

Headed by Manjula Ramakrishnan – ‘an editor and journalist with over 20-years of experience with more than 1000 published articles’ and also a dramatist according to her profile – they’ll write your content, edit it, translate it, even transcribe interviews for you.

Banks, building societies, mobile phone operators – have been outsourcing operations for a while now. Perhaps its just a sign of the times that journalism could go down the same route….