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PIXSTA develops ‘image-to-image’ search engine

Search firm PIXSTA has developed what it describes as a contextual search engine for images.

The engine will let users search by image rather than text creating – according to PIXSTA – ‘the most sophisticated and accurate image search engine in the world’.

From a random starting point a user clicks on an image to bring up similar images. As such, the engine’s primary use will be for searching for products, such as clothes, jewellery or shoes, and when an image is selected for purchase users are taken beyond the retailer’s homepage to the individual page of that product.

Screenshot of live PIXSTA search on News of the World’s Fabulous website

The search engine, which has been five years in the making, is currently being trialled on the News of the World’s Fabulous site, handbag.com and ElleUK and is making some bold claims about its potential.

“Being able to use an image as a search term means we have absolutely stolen a march on the likes of Google, whose image search still relies on text search terms. We have a real-world solution, which doesn’t require a huge leap in user understanding or a massive change in their behaviour. It’s working now and already generating revenue,” says Alexander Straub, CEO of PIXSTA on the firm’s blog.

Handbag.com launches Facebook application

Bright Blue Day Digital has created Handbag.com a little app – just in time for Crimbo…


I’m Loving / I’m Hating: fashion item rating that gets added to a wish list feature. The application can then aggregate this list and record Facebook-fashionista’s judgement on the latest styles.

Limited Edition Exclusive Gifts: virtual gifts to be distributed by sad saps equipped with virtual credit points generated by using the application.

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