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LA Times: Micropayments – a rainbow for journalism… or a Hail Mary?

The prospect of micropayments for news raises its head once again. This article follows in the wake of David Carr’s piece in the NY Times, ‘Let’s invent an iTunes for news’ which has been neatly debunked by Paul Bradshaw on his Online Journalism Blog.

Might have worked a few years back, but most agree that horse has already bolted. Full story…

NYTimes.com: CNN didn’t anticipate live Twitter

As previously noted on the Journalism.co.uk Editors’ Blog, CNN invited several dozen newspaper editors to Atlanta last week for a summit about its forthcoming news wire. ‘Gatherings of journalists aren’t usually off-the-record affairs’, commented the NY Times after the event, ‘but CNN probably didn’t expect each segment of the summit to be shared with the web,’ describing how the online director for The Spokesman-Review in Washington, Ryan Pitts, aka @onemoreryan, tweeted his responses throughout.

NiemanJournalismLab: New York Times sees success in Facebook push

The New York Times is celebrating the size of its Facebook group. “An internal memo from the NY Times president Scott Heekin-Canedy touted the newspaper’s ‘successful’ advertising campaign on Facebook,” following the US election, reports the NiemanJournalismLab. The number of fans of the NYTimes Facebok page went up from 49,000 to 164,000.

NYTimes.com will stream content from three technology sites ‘very soon’

In the latest of the newspaper site online deals (it’s difficult to go a day without one it seems), Readwriteweb, GigaOM and VentureBeat will supply the NYTimes.com newly re-designed technology section with content.

ReadWriteWeb announced on its blog yesterday that over the coming weeks we will start to see ReadWriteWeb content appearing on the section’s front.

“This is great news for us”, ReadWriteWeb’s founder Richard McManus writes, “because it brings our brand of web technology news, reviews and analysis to a much wider audience.

“It also means that the innovative and often little known startups we write about daily get a chance to be seen in a mainstream publication. The New York Times has a reputation for quality and in-depth journalism, attributes that we strive for on ReadWriteWeb – so we’re excited about this partnership.”

Beet TV produced a video interview with Vindu Goel, deputy technology editor at the NY Times.

GigaOM have written about it here, while Vindu Goel blogs about the decision on the NY Times site: he promises ‘a steady stream of content from three of the most respected tech blogs on the Web’ very soon.

NYTimes people get together with NYTimes people

‘Oh my god, we read the same newspaper!’ It’s like Guardian soulmates, but Stateside, and not necessarily for single people. Ok, so it’s not at all like a singles website at all.

In fact, today saw the public launch of the New York Times social network, TimesPeople. As we reported in June it’s a social network that links up the NY Times audience through their shared interests.

It’s a free service, which allows:

  • RSS feeds with the latest activities of other users in each network, which can be synced to their updates to their Facebook news
  • Users to join in public activities, including readers’ comments, recommendations, reviews, ratings

“We created TimesPeople as a community built around sharing news and information, giving our readers a way to connect with other like-minded readers,” said Marc Frons, chief technology officer of digital operations, at the New York Times, in the release.  “TimesPeople is a great way for our readers to discover content on the site they might not have otherwise.”

New York Times after Reuters business news too?

Times Online is reporting that the NY Times is in talks about taking business news from Reuters in a deal similar to that which stablemate International Herald Tribune announced yesterday.

Times Online stated:

“The tie-ups are designed to augment both titles’ business coverage, in an attempt to fend off the competitive threat from The Wall Street Journal , which is due to be acquired by News Corporation, the parent company of The Times, this week.”

And later:

“Mr Oreskes [Mike Oreskes, editor-in-chief of the IHT],confirmed that there were “ongoing discussions” about a separate agreement to supply business news to The New York Times.”

Hope redundancies aren’t in the offing as a result…