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NYTimes.com: CNN didn’t anticipate live Twitter

As previously noted on the Journalism.co.uk Editors’ Blog, CNN invited several dozen newspaper editors to Atlanta last week for a summit about its forthcoming news wire. ‘Gatherings of journalists aren’t usually off-the-record affairs’, commented the NY Times after the event, ‘but CNN probably didn’t expect each segment of the summit to be shared with the web,’ describing how the online director for The Spokesman-Review in Washington, Ryan Pitts, aka @onemoreryan, tweeted his responses throughout.

Tips on map building for local news providers

In a blog post Ryan Pitts, online editor of Spokesmanreview.com, explains to colleague Colin Mulvany, the Review’s multimedia editor, how the paper implemented its recent mapping project to cover the area’s snow emergency.

The Help Your Neighbors and Storm Stories projects were used by the paper to connect willing volunteers with readers in need of assistance and built using the Review’s own databases.

Pitts talks us through this option, but also gives advice on using Google’s MyMaps feature and how to use a combination of Google Maps and Google Spreadsheets.

Pitts’ full lowdown on map building can be seen on Mulvany’s Mastering Multimedia blog.