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New York Times media desk gets the Hollywood treatment (sort of)

A new documentary on the New York Times is to hit the silver screen soon.

According to the blurb, director Andrew Rossi “deftly gains unprecedented access to the New York Times newsroom and the inner workings of the Media Desk”.

Going by the trailer, media reporters David Carr and Brian Stelter feature a fair bit, with media desk editor Bruce Headlam and media reporter Tim Arango also getting a look in the short promo.

“I still can’t get over the feeling that Brian Stelter was a robot assembled to destroy me,” says Carr.

Live webcast from NYC: crowdsourcing and journalism

Via paidContent, we see that a live conference from the New York Times building is being webcast right now (not sure for how much longer), with a stellar line-up: Brian Stelter, media reporter & Media Decoder blogger, the New York Times (moderator) with Aron Pilhofer, editor, interactive news technology, the New York Times; Andy Carvin, senior social media strategist, National Public Radio; Amanda Michel, editor, distributed reporting, ProPublica; Jay Rosen, professor, New York University; and Joaquin Alvarado, senior VP, digital innovation, American Public Media.

Live Webcast Happening Now: Crowdsourcing For Journalists, at NYT Building | paidContent.

Watch live streaming video from smw_newyork at livestream.com

NYTimes: ‘Bent’ rules for journalism in Iran coverage

The NY Times’ Brian Stelter looks at global coverage of election protests in Iran:

“‘Check the source’ may be the first rule of journalism. But in the coverage of the protests in Iran this month, some news organizations have adopted a different stance: publish first, ask questions later. If you still don’t know the answer, ask your readers.”

Full story at this link…

New blogs for New York Times and Times Online

NYTimes.com has unveiled its new television blog, TV decoder, which will deliver news of on-screen and behind-the-scenes developments. It also promises analysis of ratings figures and the inner workings of the industry.

Brian Stelter, who joined NYT as media reporter in June, will be its chief contributor following his success with his own blog TVNewser.com, which he founded in 2004 as an 18-year-old student.

Following suit, Times Online’s style blog, Style PS, launched this week, and already boasts plenty of news, gossip and glamorous snapshots from the world of fashion courtesy of The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine team.