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Editor&Publisher: Tribune Co. outsourcing not finalised, says reporter on blog

“It’s true that Tribune Co. is talking about outsourcing its national and international news coverage to The Washington Post Co.,” comments Editor&Publisher, but warns that ‘big sticking points remain and the two are not close to a deal,’ as Chicago Tribune media reporter Phil Rosenthal reported in his blog Thursday afternoon. Full story…

New blogs for New York Times and Times Online

NYTimes.com has unveiled its new television blog, TV decoder, which will deliver news of on-screen and behind-the-scenes developments. It also promises analysis of ratings figures and the inner workings of the industry.

Brian Stelter, who joined NYT as media reporter in June, will be its chief contributor following his success with his own blog TVNewser.com, which he founded in 2004 as an 18-year-old student.

Following suit, Times Online’s style blog, Style PS, launched this week, and already boasts plenty of news, gossip and glamorous snapshots from the world of fashion courtesy of The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine team.