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BeatBlogging.org funding ends September 1

Pat Thornton reports that funding for the site he edits, BeatBlogging – part of the NewAssignment.net project will cease on September 1.

“The fate of BeatBlogging.Org is undecided for now. I can at least assure you that the site will not be going away, as it is too strong of a new media brand to let die or even languish,” he writes.

“Being the editor of BeatBlogging.Org has been a great ride. I’ve learned a lot about how beat reporters are adapting to the web, how social media is changing journalism and where journalism is heading.

“Working with NYU’s Jay Rosen has been a great learning experience. It’s very invigorating to work with someone who is interested in answering, “what’s next?” And in journalism, that’s the No. 1 question we all must answer.

“What’s next for me? I don’t know yet. I hope to be able to contribute to the search for journalism next.”

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Journalism Iconoclast: Journalists should rethink the newsroom

Pat Thornton explains how his BeatBlogging project works without a physical office space – detailing the tools he uses to collaborate with contributors remotely.

“What’s the point of a newsroom in today’s era of limited resources? What would you rather fire: content producers (and by extension money makers) or a physical building? For knowledge workers, I’d argue that physical buildings often make us less efficient and always cost a lot of money,” writes Thornton.

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BeatBlogging.org: ‘Mini experts in a major network’ at AllVoices.com

AllVoices.com is a citizen journalism site, and Amra Tareen’s ‘answer to closed, controlled traditional media.’ It was launched in July 2008 ‘with the goal of including as many people as possible,’ BeatBlogging reports.

“If Tareen had her way, the AllVoices community would be all six billion people on earth. But within a site that aims to be global and all-inclusive in its scope and membership, a curious thing is happening.

“Even with free rein in topic choice, Tareen tells us that many of AllVoices’ contributors are choosing very specific beats and becoming mini experts within the larger framework of the massive site,” the article continues.

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