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BeatBlogging.org funding ends September 1

Pat Thornton reports that funding for the site he edits, BeatBlogging – part of the NewAssignment.net project will cease on September 1.

“The fate of BeatBlogging.Org is undecided for now. I can at least assure you that the site will not be going away, as it is too strong of a new media brand to let die or even languish,” he writes.

“Being the editor of BeatBlogging.Org has been a great ride. I’ve learned a lot about how beat reporters are adapting to the web, how social media is changing journalism and where journalism is heading.

“Working with NYU’s Jay Rosen has been a great learning experience. It’s very invigorating to work with someone who is interested in answering, “what’s next?” And in journalism, that’s the No. 1 question we all must answer.

“What’s next for me? I don’t know yet. I hope to be able to contribute to the search for journalism next.”

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BeatBlogging.Org puts out a call for all journalists on Twitter

US-based site BeatBlogging.org is collecting names of journalists who use Twitter to “help report, find sources, ask questions and more”.

Beatblogging.org is part of NewAssignment.Net, and is on a mission to look at “how journalists can use social networks and other Web tools to improve beat reporting, with an empahsis on “pushing the practice” and spotlighting innovation”, according to the site’s authors.

They have 57 responses so far, mostly US-based. So how about we get a UK thing going here? If you are a journalist using Twitter in the manner described above, please leave a comment with your Twitter handle below. I’m @johncthompson and this blog’s other authors are @jtownend and @lauraoliver. All our news is broadcast on @journalismnews (and you can talk to us on that channel too).