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Ad Age: Internet media employment at peak since 2001 despite falls elsewhere

Advertising Age research suggests that media companies in the US have cut one in seven jobs since the start of the recession. But employment at internet media firms has risen to its highest level since 2001, according to the figures, which the title has been collecting since 1981.

Internet media companies and broadcast TV have seen solid year-to-date job gains. There’s even hope in newspapers, where recent monthly job cuts are at the lowest level since the start of the recession.

The chart below of Advertising Age’s stats shows the percentage change in the number of jobs in each media sector since December 2007:

As part of its ranking, Advertising Age looks at the leading 100 media companies in the US to see how they have fared over the past year in comparison to the rest of the industry.

Full results can be seen in this report (registration required), but some key points:

  • Revenue for the US’ top media firms rose by 6.1 per cent in the first half of 2010;
  • Video and broadband providers accounted for 39 per cent of 2009’s net revenue for the top 100 media companies;
  • According to Ad Age, media employment has risen consecutively for two months – for the first time since 2006.

AdAge: Demand Media to supply original content to USA Today

USA Today’s new online Travel Tips section has been outsourced to content generation company Demand Media. The section already has around 4,000 travel articles provided by Demand Media’s freelancers.

Demand Media (…) is paying to generate the content and is selling keyword advertising in the section. USA Today is selling its new display ad inventory. The two are splitting the revenue.

Demand Media’s CMO Dave Panos defends the editorial standards in place at the company and claims it does not deserve to be thought of as a ‘content farm’.

‘Content farm’ is not a term we prefer, because it we think it has a negative connotation and that it paints a picture of a nameless, faceless organization that churns out low-quality, thoughtless content. This is not at all what we do. We think our studio bears a greater resemblance to larger, distinctive content-creation companies like Reuters. Our studio is made up of thousands of creative professionals, and each piece of content is touched by 11 qualified individuals with a high degree of editorial oversight.

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Journalism Daily: Digital plans for Big Issue and the Baltimore hoax

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Advertising Age: Why ad networks are surviving

Venture capitalist Warren Lee discusses last year’s prediction of an ‘apocalyptic shakeout’ of US advertising networks.

Instead, despite the economic downturn, ad networks are surviving, he says.

The impact of increasing online usage has changed relationships between advertising networks and publishers – but not all for the bad, he explains.

“Fundamentally, I would argue that the ad-network model still makes a lot of sense today and can be quite resilient. In particular, those ad networks that develop proprietary technologies and offer truly differentiated solutions are the ones most likely to be successful,” he writes.

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