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FT.com: WPP develops technology to police web ad placements

GroupM Interaction, the media agency of WPP, is hoping to overcome the problem of misplaced ads online with a new monitoring technology. Advertising networks which place aggregate banned adverts for clients across a range of sites may create clashes between the ad and editorial content placed elsewhere on the site – an oil company’s ad next to a news story on climate change, for example, the FT reports.

GroupM Interaction (…) is hoping to prevent such incidents by using “ad verification” technology, which reports back on which sites client messages are being shown, and in some cases even prevents them from appearing if the site is considered unsuitable.

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Journalism Daily: Digital plans for Big Issue and the Baltimore hoax

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Advertising Age: Why ad networks are surviving

Venture capitalist Warren Lee discusses last year’s prediction of an ‘apocalyptic shakeout’ of US advertising networks.

Instead, despite the economic downturn, ad networks are surviving, he says.

The impact of increasing online usage has changed relationships between advertising networks and publishers – but not all for the bad, he explains.

“Fundamentally, I would argue that the ad-network model still makes a lot of sense today and can be quite resilient. In particular, those ad networks that develop proprietary technologies and offer truly differentiated solutions are the ones most likely to be successful,” he writes.

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Yahoo! announces details of targeted advertising service Amp!

Yahoo! has released more details of its forthcoming online advertising system, which will make use of behavioural targeting.

The AMP! system – formerly known as Project Apex – aims to help online publishers in buying and selling advertising across search, display, local, mobile, and video platforms, and will offer partners tools to target ads according to the location, age and interests of consumers.

According to a press release from the company, the system will give publishers and advertisers access to Yahoo!’s own portfolio of websites in addition to more than 600 US newspapers, which are part of the Newspaper Consortium.
The first stage of Amp! will be rolled out to members of the Newspaper Consortium in the third quarter of this year, with plans to extend the service to additional publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks into 2009.