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Press Gazette: Wilmington in partnership deal for British Press Awards

Following its near closure earlier this year and subsequent acquisition by Progressive Media, there’s been little talk of what would happen to Press Gazette’s annual British Press Awards.

The awards remained with former owner Wilmington and questions were raised over how the prizes could continue without the industry mag to back them.

But according to a PG report, Wilmington will now donate a share of profits from the event to the Journalists’ Charity and run the awards in partnership with the Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA).

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Goodbye Press Gazette: round-up of the links

We bid farewell to our fellow media reporters at Press Gazette, unless, as Roy Greenslade hopes, a buyer comes forward (again).

We haven’t produced our own coverage, as there has been more than plenty – with insider perspective – elsewhere. We would, however, like to wish the editorial team at Press Gazette the very best of luck in the future with whatever they go onto do. We’ve enjoyed meeting Press Gazette team – past and present – at events, and being kept on our toes when we’re covering the same stories.

Here’s a round-up of the coverage in links:

Please do add any others of note in the comments below.

Newly added:

PressGazette: Wilmington – Press Gazette magazine to close

Statement from Wilmington, publishers of Press Gazette:

“Unfortunately Press Gazette, along with much of the profession, has suffered from a declining market during these years and its losses have increased. We have therefore been forced to conclude that the market required to sustain a commercially viable Press Gazette magazine no longer exists. The last hard copy edition of Press Gazette will therefore be the May edition which will be published in April.”

Full story at this link…

Update: Over at MediaGuardian Roy Greenslade reports that there will be no future news content on the site:

“There will be no journalism on the site,” said Les Kelly, the managing director of Wilmington’s media and entertainment division.

He added: “There will not be news coverage but we will develop the site to offer other services, such as training and freelance referrals.”