Goodbye Press Gazette: round-up of the links

We bid farewell to our fellow media reporters at Press Gazette, unless, as Roy Greenslade hopes, a buyer comes forward (again).

We haven’t produced our own coverage, as there has been more than plenty – with insider perspective – elsewhere. We would, however, like to wish the editorial team at Press Gazette the very best of luck in the future with whatever they go onto do. We’ve enjoyed meeting Press Gazette team – past and present – at events, and being kept on our toes when we’re covering the same stories.

Here’s a round-up of the coverage in links:

Please do add any others of note in the comments below.

Newly added:

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Press Gazette: round-up of the links

  1. Peter Hobday

    Judith – as long as I was first that is great.

    But Roy Greenslade, in my medical analogy, would not be Harold Shipman. The Shipmans would be the Piers Morgan consortium (theft of body organs) and Wilmington (starvation, then switching off the oxygen without consultation).

    Roy Greenslade is one of the women who watch and knit by the guillotine.

    No that doesn’t work. Roy Greenslade would be one of the autopsy team. Looks like there are lots on that team.

    What we really need now is a great diagnostic practitioner to look at other media publications. Media Week looks a bit unhealthy…

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