Audioboo debuts in Guardian article

The Guardian’s inventive use of mobile application Audioboo during last week’s G20 news coverage isn’t the end of the paper’s experiments with the audio recording service.

According to a tweet from Guardian journalist Matthew Weaver, who was posting sound clips or ‘boos’ frequently during the summit, today’s article on the Tamil protests in London is the first time a recording from Audioboo has been embedded in a news article on the site.


Extra nice is a Twitter update from Audioboo CEO Mark Rock suggesting that a version of the service for non-iPhone users is near at hand…

5 thoughts on “Audioboo debuts in Guardian article

  1. Claire

    I think they should have a look at ipadio (

    It’s not restricted to the iphone and it’s website is a bit more developed ahead of launching.

  2. Claire

    What kind of disclaimer were you thinking of? Because I said the website is a bit more developed at launch? I’m sure audioboo will come on in leaps and bounds now they have funding, but their site at launch came in for a little bit of criticism.ipadio’s looks better (IMHO) and it’s only just launching publicly.

    More importantly for me I can use it from a Blackberry.

    Perhaps we’re about to see an audio web war!!

    Anyway, do let me know what you’re referring to in the need for the disclaimer.

    Thanks, Claire

  3. Laura Oliver Post author

    No – only being cheeky because the URL you submitted with your comment was so thought you might be involved with it in some way. 🙂

    Will certainly check out the site and the tool though – is it getting used in similar ways to Audioboo? e.g. news coverage

  4. Claire

    AAhhh – my own URL’s not up and running yet. (Watch this space)

    It is used exactly like Audioboo as far as I can make out – they’ve got a couple of live demos on the site – one interview with an Olympic swimmer – apoparently they were both on different phones and recording to the Internet, although I haven’t tried that one myself yet.

    There’s a load of hotel reviews, mapped by location. They’re cool – a bit unusual including some very rock n roll spots to stay.

    And a guy sailling round the world.

    It’s only just been launched, so haven’t spotted any G20s on there yet – but give it time. I think audioboos early recordings were described by someone as the phone equivalent of ‘testing 1, 2, 3…’ until it came to life for news coverage.

    (And I’d love to be involved and do their PR if they’re reading this!)

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