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Common Sense Journalism: ‘Unpublishing’ news

Doug Fisher, who co-authored a paper about digital archiving in 2007, picks up on a piece by the Toronto Star’s reader’s representative, Kathy English in which she looks at the “growing number” of requests for news organisations to “unpublish” news stories and digital information.

50 non-journalists also answered English’s survey, and she says most supported the resistance to “unpublish.” I think it may be time to do some more extensive research in this area – and then repeat it periodically. I have a feeling this is not going to be a static subject.

Full story at this link…

Įtempiamos lubos Vilniuje Gera kaina Montavimas ir priežiūra Cempianos

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Pagemasters editorial outsourcing spreads to the US and Canada

Editorial outsourcing firm Pagemasters has announced a partnership with the Canadian Press to provide a range of production services, including design, sub-editing and headline writing, to titles in the US and Canada.

The new division, Pagemasters North America, will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Canadian Press, which already provides pagination services to Canadian daily newspapers including The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

The move by Australian Associated Press (AAP), the national news agency of Australia, which owns the editing company, follows a contract with Telegraph Media Group announced in January to provide sub-editing services for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph’s weekend supplements.

In a previous article in The Sunday Morning Herald, Pagemasters managing director Bruce Davidson commented on how useful a time zone difference is for the editing process: “The Telegraph can deliver pages at the end of their day, and when they come in the next morning we have completed the work.”

In today’s release, Davidson said: “The launch of Pagemasters North America is a major development and I believe one which has the potential to lead to significant changes in the editorial production model for US and Canadian newspapers.

“We will be heavily involved with The Canadian Press in setting up editorial production centres in North America, working closely with newspaper publishers as they grapple with the radical changes sweeping the industry.”

‘Gerbalism’? Where have we heard that before?

Delicious has a rather neat feature that allows you to see what are the most popular recent bookmarks for a particular keyword.

While  browsing a RSS feed of recent popular bookmarks with the tag ‘journalism’, we were somewhat amused to come across a blog post at the Toronto star with the title ‘Is it journalism or ‘gerbalism‘?

This rang a bell with some of the longer-serving members of Journalism.co.uk. A quick search of our archives revealed a story published on 1 April 2004 about the launch of a rodent-focused new ‘ezine’ called gerbalism.co.uk.

Now every rodent lover knows that gerbil ends in ‘il’ and not ‘al’ so it is doubly strange that this mis-spelled and entirely fictitious term should surface again five years later in a journalism-related blog post headline.

Which just goes to prove that there’s no fool like an old (April’s) fool and that it’s not just gerbils that have long tails…

TheStar.com: Alternative funding avenues for investigative journalism

The Toronto Star’s John Honderich looks at five options for funding investigative stories in Canada. These are already relatively well-known examples among journalist/media commentators and bloggers, but Honderich’s post is an interesting read.

  • Government funded or subsidised journalism
  • Independent non-profit newsrooms, a la ProPublica.
  • Using private foundations, such as Philip Stern’s the Fund for Investigative Journalism
  • Participatory investigative journalism, e.g Spot.us
  • Journalism students working in tandem with investigative reporters

Full story at this link…

Toronto Star: Google News respects copyright, says content specialist

Google News respects copyright and is not looking to move into content creation, Josh Cohen, content specialist for the search giant’s news channel, has said in a Q&A with the Toronto Star.

“…[I]t’s really about helping people to find the content that’s out there. We just don’t see ourselves as content creators. We’re more of a platform for that content,” he said.

Toronto star axes entire web production team

Canadian publishing group Torstar corp is to cut 160 jobs across its newspaper publishing division, CBC News reports.

Flagship title the Toronto Star will lose 120 staff including the paper’s entire internet production team.

The publisher hopes the cuts will save $12 million (in Canadian dollars – around £6 million) annually.