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MediaShift: Avoiding ‘ethical snags’ in non-profit journalism

A useful analysis from the States that tackles some of the tricky ground for non-profit journalistic endeavours.

How can such centers and networks, with their many types of journalists, agree on editorial standards and practices? How can non-profit enterprises be independent if they are closer to, and more dependent on, a small number of supporters? This puts power in the hands of donors.

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MediaShift: Journalists should customise social networks

Social networks ‘help to shake up the relationship between the individual journalist and the people formerly known as the audience,’ comments Roland Legrand, in charge of internet and new media at Mediafin, the publisher of leading Belgian business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo. Here he feeds back from a newsroom workshop on social media with ideas for how journalists can best use networks.

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MediaShift: Five challenges for small college media in US

Bryan Murley takes a look at five challenges for US college media. He outlines:

1. Small staffs and high churn rate; 2. Instructors who don’t get it; 3. Old mindsets from the students; 4. Not enough payoff for students; 5. Sparse resources.

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