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MediaShift: Five challenges for small college media in US

Bryan Murley takes a look at five challenges for US college media. He outlines:

1. Small staffs and high churn rate; 2. Instructors who don’t get it; 3. Old mindsets from the students; 4. Not enough payoff for students; 5. Sparse resources.

Full story at this link…

PBS.org: College newspapers feel impact of economic downturn

MediaShift’s Bryan Murley takes a comprehensive look at the future for college newspapers. Initially it seemed that the student papers might weather the economic storm more easily than publications in the professional industry, but “now the national economy indicates that the future might not be quite so rosy”, Murley writes.

“The widespread economic pains in the media environment are finally hitting college news outlets, and many college newspapers are scrambling to deal with the squeeze.” Full story…