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DNA09: Twittering – is it possible to tell the news in 140 characters or fewer?

Journalism.co.uk’s very own @lauraoliver is joining a panel led by Wired.com associate editor @benhammersley at Digital News Affairs 2009. The others are Jeff Jarvis, blogger at BuzzMachine (@jeffjarvis); Robin Hamman, senior social media consultant at Headshift (@cybersoc); Darren Waters, technology editor at BBC News website (@darrenwaters); Bert Brouwers, editor-in-chief of Sp!ts (@brewbart); Katharina Borchert, editor-in-chief of Der Westen and MD of WAZ media (@lyssaslounge).

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Tag your tweets for this session #dna140 and follow here when it kicks off at 13.30 (Brussels time):

DNA09: If advertisers ruled the world

What would an ad exec do if he took over a newspaper organisation? Tear up the advertising model, so says Jonathan MacDonald from OgilvyOne to today’s Digital News Affairs 2009 (DNA) audience.

“Take the Profit & Loss (P&L) plan that is based on the next five years of traditional advertising and tear it up,” says MacDonald.

Publishers have to accept the fact that there are six times as many people reading their content that they’ll never know about or be able to monetise, he added.

“These readers are also passing this content to other people you won’t know about or be able to monetise.”

Content producers and news organisations have to consider:

  • What their users want – and give it to them; this is content they’ll be able to charge for
  • Look to who else is providing that content – and partner with them to create a new

“You need to rethink your business model – create an agnostic layer of aggregate inventory between partners in your space and become a facilitator for advertisers,” he added.

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#socialweb: Web 3.0 – the social web (video)

We’re gathered here in Oslo this morning (25 October) with 20+ of Norwegian’s finest journalists to listen to addresses from investigative journalist and research skills trainer Colin Meek, Journalisten.no journalist and blogger Kristine Lowe. Colin will be talking about web 3.0 (the social web) and what it means for journalists). We’re streaming live, but you should be able to view this video later (gremlins permitting).

UPDATE: They turned the lights down so the audience could see the projection screen! Apologies for the poor quality of the video.

Watch live video from johncthompson’s channel on Justin.tv