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Poynter: Making online news more relevant with Silobreaker

News aggregation site Silobreaker uses semantic web technology to help consumers find news that is more relevant to them and offers connections and context with related articles or topics.

“[S]ince relevance has inherent value, it can be the basis of business models,” writes Poynter’s Amy Gahran.

#socialweb: Web 3.0 – the social web (video)

We’re gathered here in Oslo this morning (25 October) with 20+ of Norwegian’s finest journalists to listen to addresses from investigative journalist and research skills trainer Colin Meek, Journalisten.no journalist and blogger Kristine Lowe. Colin will be talking about web 3.0 (the social web) and what it means for journalists). We’re streaming live, but you should be able to view this video later (gremlins permitting).

UPDATE: They turned the lights down so the audience could see the projection screen! Apologies for the poor quality of the video.

Watch live video from johncthompson’s channel on Justin.tv