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Accidental Tweet announces senior BBC appointments (but are now official)

Alfred Hermida was a little surprised to spot this last night: a Tweet from the head of the BBC newsroom, Peter Horrocks, to the director of global news, Richard Sambrook about some new appointments at the BBC.


“Perhaps it was intended to be a private, direct message”, Hermida pondered on his blog, Reportr.net.

Well, yes it was, Journalism.co.uk can now confirm after speaking to Peter Horrocks. “It’s a very embarrassing cock-up and everyone in the newsroom has been having a lot of fun at my expense,” Horrocks said.

“It’s had the perverse effect of making people who hadn’t worried about it [Twitter] think ‘oh god, if I’m going to get gossip from Peter then maybe it’s worth signing up,’ he said.

“Sambrook sent a message out late last night (…) I started it as a direct message exchange, and for some reason when I did a follow-up reply rather than go direct, it went as a public message,” Horrocks explained.

“It’s caused a bit of a flutter in the newsroom. I’m not going to use it for direct messages ever again now! I’m going to consider as a public medium in all circumstances!” Bigsta.net – the perfect tool for those who want to view Instagram stories in peace Instagram story viewer

So, to clarify the situation, there are two new appointments, now officially announced (Horrocks told Malinarich and Roy this morning). In an (official) announcement Horrocks said:

“I’m pleased to tell you that Nathalie Malinarich is to be the executive editor of World Online and Andrew Roy the head of news for BBC World News. Nathalie has a strong record in World Service news and online, as Americas editor and front page editor. Andrew has widespread experience in newsgathering as former Bureau chief in DC and Brussels as well as his recent time at World News.

“Having two strong new editors will propel our global news  for audiences on TV and and online forward. And, together with World Service News, we will see further evolution of the successful global hub operation under their leadership.”

AP: NYTimes to reboot online access fees?

The Times’ executive editor Bill Keller has suggested micro-payment systems and full-access subscriptions are being considered for online content.

The paper ended its paid-for access model, TimesSelect, in September 2007.

Full story at this link…

NYTimes.com: Exec editor takes NYTimes reader questions

Got a large cup of tea and several biscuits for this one? Good. Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times is answering, impressively comprehensively, NYTimes readers’ questions. First up, the ‘existential question’: just what is the future of print?

Full story at this link…

BBC Editors Blog: BBC not influenced by Home Office counter-terrorism unit

The BBC has responded to claims made in a Guardian article that its coverage of al-Qaeda had been influenced by a Home Office counter-terrorism unit.

“The programme was called ‘al-Qaeda’s Enemy Within’ and explored how the war of ideas within the Jihadi movement is becoming as important as the military frontline,” explains Nicola Meyrick, executive editor of radio current affairs.

“Was it the result of a ‘push’ from RICU? Absolutely not. The truth couldn’t be more different.”

Invisible Inkling: Why the Philadelphia Inquirier is moving away from web-first publishing

Ryan Sholin speaks to Chris Krewson, executive editor of online and news at the Philadelphia Inquirer, about why the paper is shifting away from a web-first publishing strategy.

Feature pieces, big name critics and restaurant reviews, for example, will be published in print first, as part of changes aimed at understanding the differences between the paper’s print and online audience.

LA Times breaks web traffic record with 127m page views

The LA Times recorded 127 million page views last month – breaking its previous record of 120 million.

The site attracted 19 million unique users in July, a memo from the paper’s Meredith Artley, executive editor for interactive, said.

While the recent Californian earthquake was a contributing factor to the traffic surge, new SEO techniques and growing popularity on social bookmarking sites have had a significant impact, Artley said.

Blog traffic also grew last month rising to 12 million page views. The most popular blog, in terms of traffic, was Top of the Ticket, which recorded 1,800,770 views, according to the paper’s figures.

Editor&Publisher: Washington Post to merge print and online newsrooms

Having separate newsrooms ‘has reached the end’, James Brady, WaPo’s site editor, has said following the appointment of Marcus Brauchli as executive editor.

A final decision is yet to be made, adds Brady, but a merger has been discussed ‘conceptually’ with Brauchli.

CNET: Washingtonpost.com wants identities of readers who post comments

Speaking on a panel at the Digital Hollywood conference, Jim Brady, executive editor of The Washington Post’s online division, said he would like to see a technology that could identify people who violate site standards, and if need be, automatically kick them off for good.

He added that there was no guaranteed anonymity for those who post comments to Washingtonpost.com.

Portfolio: WSJ quietly making big traffic strides

Even with a firewall blocking access to large parts of the site for non-subscribers, traffic is still growing at a most impressive for the WSJ – according to its own claims.

According to internal numbers, WSJ.com hosted 15 million unique visitors in March, reports Portfolio, a 175 percent increase over March 2007, Alan Murray, executive editor of the Wall Street Journal Online told it.

Page views came in at around 165 million, up 75 percent year-over-year.