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Editor&Publisher: Different owners but shared content – two US newspapers pool resources

“The Philadelphia Inquirer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have been quietly sharing content for nearly two weeks, exchanging daily budgets and trading even the most high-profile stories,” Editor&Publisher reports.

It’s ‘the latest example of the ever-growing trend of newspapers with no common ownership or JOA trading news,’ according to E&P.

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Knight Digital Media Center: Success with a breaking news blog

Advice from The Philadelphia Inquirer on setting up and running a breaking news blog.

Particularly interesting is how the blog deals with new news e.g. running AP alerts straight on occasion, which says the paper helped journalists to ‘get over the mental hurdle that “we didn’t have enough for a story”‘.

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Advertising: Newspapers sign up with Zillow.com and Politico; UK radio station launches motor ads site

A series of major advertising deals have been signed this week, starting with the creation of a national online real estate ad network between 282 US newspapers and Zillow.com.

The agreement, Editor&Publisher reports, will see the papers and Zillow sharing each other’s advertising inventories and splitting revenue.

Politico.com has opted for a selective approach in creating an ‘advertising and content distribution network’, says an article in MediaWeek.

US newspapers, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, aggregators, and local TV news websites are among 40 outlets signed up to the network.

Under the partnership the media organisations will carry Politico content on the political sections of their websites and feature ads sold by Politico’s sales division. The outlets can also run their own ads alongside Politico content.

Meanwhile in the UK, Birmingham radio station BRMB has joined up with classified advertising site AdFlyer to create a website for motoring ads targeted at the west Midlands. Users can upload an ad for the first week free of charge, a release from AdFlyer said.

Invisible Inkling: Why the Philadelphia Inquirier is moving away from web-first publishing

Ryan Sholin speaks to Chris Krewson, executive editor of online and news at the Philadelphia Inquirer, about why the paper is shifting away from a web-first publishing strategy.

Feature pieces, big name critics and restaurant reviews, for example, will be published in print first, as part of changes aimed at understanding the differences between the paper’s print and online audience.