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Digital Journalist: There is no such thing as a citizen journalist

A Digital Journalist editorial argues that citizen journalism should be abolished:

There are many people who think they can replace professional visual journalists. Citizen journalist is a misnomer. There is no such thing. There are citizens and there are journalists. Everybody can be one of the former, but to be called a journalist means that you are a professional. Either you have been schooled in journalism, or you have ‘paid your dues,’ rising slowly through the ranks.

But it’s not clear whose argument the editorial is countering. Howard Owens, publisher of the Batvian, responds sharply in the comments, a reply which is worth an Editors’ Pick in its own right:

[Y]ou state, “There are many people who think they can replace professional visual journalists.” Yet you provide not one verified quote to substantiate the claim, nor, more importantly one link to support this statement. I challenge you to prove its true, rather than a bald face unsubstantiated assertion – the kind of sloppy reporting you claim to abhor.

Owens also provides some interesting details on ‘citizen journalist’ equivalents of the past.

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Press Gazette: ‘Baldy blogger’ Adrian Sudbury’s education campaign an ‘outstanding success’

The campaign to spread education on the importance of bone marrow donation set up by ‘baldy blogger’ and digital journalist Adrian Sudbury has been hailed as a success by an independent assessor.

Sudbury, who died from leukaemia in August last year, started the campaign – fuelled by his blog – and secured significant funding for a pilot project to train volunteers to deliver seminars in schools and colleges.

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Mashable: Journalist’s Guide to Facebook

Digital journalist Leah Betancourt shares her guide to Facebook for journalists.

“It gives reporters a means to connect with communities involved with stories, find sources, and generate leads. For media companies, Facebook is a way to build community and reach a larger audience.”

She takes a look at leads, sources, community interaction, ethics and verification methods.

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British Press Award winners 2009

Guardian.co.uk was named website of the year for the second year running at last night’s British Press Awards.

Both The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday were the biggest winners of the night, each winning four awards.

Perhaps the most coveted award, Newspaper of the Year, went to The Times, while Digital journalist of the year went to The Guardian’s, Dave Hill.

Miles Goslett from The Mail on Sunday won Scoop of the year for his story on the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand ‘Sachsgate’ affair.

The full list of award winners is available at this link.

Baldy Blogger receives posthumous journalism award

Adrian Sudbury, the digital journalist for the Huddersfield examiner who died in August from leukaemia, was named Yorkshire journalist of the year at an awards ceremony last night, HoldtheFrontPage reports.

Sudbury was awarded the Yorkshire press award following his campaign, orchestrated through Baldy’s Blog, to improve bone marrow donation education in schools and colleges.

An award has also be renamed in Sudbury’s memory – the Adrian Sudbury Daily Feature Writer of the Year Award, which went to the Yorkshire Post’s Nick Ahad.

Memorial to be held for ‘baldy blogger’ Adrian Sudbury

Digital journalist and blogger Adrian Sudbury, who died last month from leukaemia, is to be remembered and celebrated at an open memorial service on October 16.

A private funeral for Adrian, who created Baldy’s Blog to chronicle his fight against cancer and his campaign for better education on bone marrow donation, has already been held, his mum, Kay Sudbury, said on his blog last week.

“Adrian wants this to be a much more upbeat affair and would like as many people as possible to attend wearing bright clothing suitable for the cathedral setting,” wrote Kay.

The service will take place at Sheffield Cathedral from 2pm. All enquiries should be made to 01484 437707 or rsvpadrian@trinitymirror.com.

A host of fundraising activities have also been organised by Adrian’s friends and family, and donations in honour of his memory have already risen to £1,400, which has been given to the Anthony Nolan Trust.

“His Dad and I would merely say that the best way to remember Adrian is to get onto the donor register. We know many of you have already done so and we salute your determination to make a difference,” his mum added in the post.

Baldy blogger’s campaign goes to government

Regional newspaper journalist and blogger Adrian Sudbury’s campaign to encourage more bone marrow donors will be heard by government ministers only 24 hours after its official launch.

Sudbury, digital journalist with the Huddersfield Examiner, has spoken openly about his battle with leukaemia on Baldy’s Blog, recently telling readers he only has weeks to live following a relapse of the disease.

In his latest post he explained that his dying wish was to ‘educate more people about what it is like to be a bone marrow donor’.

The Examiner has taken on Sudbury’s challenge by launching an official campaign, which will now see the journalist address health minister Alan Johnson and Ed Balls, secretary of state for children, schools and families, at Westminster, the paper reports.

At the meeting, he will explain the system in Germany, where school children are educated about bone marrow donation as part of their curriculum.

All the best Adrian – we will be thinking of you.

UPDATE – The Examiner has now posted a video of Adrian’s meeting with Gordon Brown.