Baldy blogger’s campaign goes to government

Regional newspaper journalist and blogger Adrian Sudbury’s campaign to encourage more bone marrow donors will be heard by government ministers only 24 hours after its official launch.

Sudbury, digital journalist with the Huddersfield Examiner, has spoken openly about his battle with leukaemia on Baldy’s Blog, recently telling readers he only has weeks to live following a relapse of the disease.

In his latest post he explained that his dying wish was to ‘educate more people about what it is like to be a bone marrow donor’.

The Examiner has taken on Sudbury’s challenge by launching an official campaign, which will now see the journalist address health minister Alan Johnson and Ed Balls, secretary of state for children, schools and families, at Westminster, the paper reports.

At the meeting, he will explain the system in Germany, where school children are educated about bone marrow donation as part of their curriculum.

All the best Adrian – we will be thinking of you.

UPDATE – The Examiner has now posted a video of Adrian’s meeting with Gordon Brown.

3 thoughts on “Baldy blogger’s campaign goes to government

  1. Graham Lees

    At a time when young people are getting plenty of bad press, it’s an inspiration to see htis young man trying to do something to bring this highly important issue to the forefront of other young people, while at the same time knowing that he only has weeks to live himself

  2. Laura Oliver

    I couldn’t agree more Graham.

    Having only recently come across Adrian’s blog I found it frank, often funny and very moving.

    His last mission should be applauded and hopefully will be a success.

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