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NUJ Release: Journalists thank the people of West Yorkshire

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) reports that journalists were due to hand out thank you letters to the people of West Yorkshire today.

“NUJ members from the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post and Leeds Weekly News want to show their appreciation for the support they received during thirteen days of strike action over compulsory redundancies.”

Full release at this link…

NUJ Release: Johnston Press strikers go south

“Strikers from Yorkshire demonstrated at a London PR firm today as their employers – Johnston Press – announced more big profits,” a release from the National Union of Journalists said.

“The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post journalists were joined by NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear as they leafleted JP chiefs and city workers about their fight against job cuts,” the report continues.

Full release at this link…

Also, a photograph of the protest over at Jon Slattery’s blog.

Baldy Blogger receives posthumous journalism award

Adrian Sudbury, the digital journalist for the Huddersfield examiner who died in August from leukaemia, was named Yorkshire journalist of the year at an awards ceremony last night, HoldtheFrontPage reports.

Sudbury was awarded the Yorkshire press award following his campaign, orchestrated through Baldy’s Blog, to improve bone marrow donation education in schools and colleges.

An award has also be renamed in Sudbury’s memory – the Adrian Sudbury Daily Feature Writer of the Year Award, which went to the Yorkshire Post’s Nick Ahad.

Yorkshire Post maps falling petrol prices

The Yorkshire Post is using an interactive map of local petrol stations’ fuel prices to help its readers in this time of credit crunchiness.

Built using data from whatgas.com, the map flags up petrol stations in the paper’s readership area and allows users to update the current prices of unleaded, diesel and LPG fuel.

Even better the feature is tied into a news article reporting on fuel prices in the region – nicely done.

‘Bloggers will fall by the wayside’ says PCC chairman

Many bloggers will ‘fall by the wayside’, because they lack integrity, Sir Christopher Meyer, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), told the Yorkshire Post.

Meyer, who was speaking ahead of a PCC open day in Leeds, said blogs would undergo a process of ‘natural selection’ by readers:

“There are publications which fall under our responsibility, and there is some wild and woolly stuff on the internet that does not. As far as blogs are concerned, I believe there will be a process of natural selection. Readers will soon sort out what they can rely on and what they can’t. As time goes by, a lot of these bloggers will fall by the wayside.

“If you have a well-known and respected brand, that is very important. The integrity of the brand becomes very important, and if you can see information in that publication or on the website that tells you that you can go to the PCC if you wish to raise a grievance, then it becomes a reinforcement of that brand’s integrity. You’re not going to get that on a blog.”

Meyer also expressed concerns about citizen journalism and again urged readers to use news websites that show ‘integrity’, such as newspaper websites.