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US journalists released from North Korea

Last night, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two US journalists who had been sentenced to 12 years hard labour in North Korea, were said to be heading home on Bill Clinton’s private jet, reports the Independent. Full story at this link.

AP video below: Euna Lee’s Family in Los Angeles.

Journalism Daily: Getting paid as a freelancer, Lionel Barber on paid content, Durrant’s departure

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Politico: Bill Clinton will try to secure release of US journalists held in North Korea

The former president Bill Clinton has gone to to North Korea to try and win the release of two women journalists who have been detained since March 17, Politico learned from a Washington source.

“North Korean officials told one family that they would release the women to Clinton, the source said. The family then approached the former president.”

Laura Ling, 32, and Euna Lee, 36 are reporters for Current TV, and were  arrested in March near the China-North Korea border while reporting on the trafficking of women. They were sentenced to 12 years hard labour in June.

Full Politico story at this link…

A campaign to release the journalists can be found at http://www.lauraandeuna.com/ and on Twitter: @LiberateLauraSF.

Guido Fawkes: Ten years ago today Drudge ended the reign of the media gatekeepers

On this day in 1997, Guido says, blogger Matt Drudge posted a story about Newsweek editors spiking a piece about Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky.

“His story ended once and for all the gatekeeper ability, if not the mentality, of the mainstream media elite. He later said: “We are all newsmen now.”