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Beet.TV: The New York Times, real-time advertising and Twitter trending data

Image by petesimon on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Image by petesimon on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Beet.TV has an interesting video with Michael Zimbalist, vice president for research & development, and operations at the New York Times, in which he discusses a new advertising tool called Spark which utilises the Times’s data on stories trending on social media.

According to Beet.TV the tool “serves display advertising into stories as they are trending on Twitter, matched with the demographics of the users who ‘touch’ the story on the social network”.

In the video Zimbalist adds that the Times has been “tracking mentions of Times content in Twitter for a really long time”.

As a result the news outlet has “been able to look at different types of content and different people who spread the content and begin to model out which content will start trending”.

See a video of the discussion below:

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Beet.TV: David Westin on NewsRight, the new online licensing platform for news

Last week, 29 news outlets announced their backing of a new independent rights clearance organisation in the US called NewsRight.

News companies which have invested in the new platform include the Associated Press, Washington Post and New York Times.

In the video below, from Beet.TV, NewsRight’s CEO David Westin (former president of ABC News) discusses the immediate plans for the organisation as well as future goals, such as working with images and video, as well as text-based news.

Beet.tv: BBC apps received more than 10 million downloads

In this interview with Beet.tv digital director of BBC Worldwide Daniel Heaf talks about how the iPad has “truly become the fourth screen”.

He says that session time on the device matches the time spent with traditional media such as periodicals and television.

According to Heaf the BBC has had more than 10 million downloads worldwide of its apps for the iPad and other devices.

Beet.tv: The role of YouTube as a platform for citizen reporters

The interesting video below, from Beet.tv, features an interview with Olivia Ma, manager of news at YouTube, who talks about the site’s role as a platform for raw video of newsworthy events, such as the Middle East uprisings, both to the general public and news organisations.

YouTube doesn’t actually do any vetting of this material, we simply provide a distribution platform for people to get the word out and to upload their videos so the world can see them … Everyone can be a reporter, everyone has the power to bear witness to the events that are happening around them and document that and share it with the world.

Beet.tv: Video news start up raises $1.5m in funding

US video news start-up site Newsy has raised $1.5 million in new funding, according to a report by Beet.tv of an interview with CEO Jim Spencer.

The funding will allow the site, which currently monitors, analyses and presents news coverage from across the world, to expand in terms of original programming, adding to staff and moving correspondents to different locations.

The company curates about 15 video segments a day which are compilations of clips from many news organizations. They are edited around a specific news topic. The segments are then introduced by a “host” in the Columbia studios. The news source of the videos are identified with links.

In the interview Spencer says the funding will help the site grow into a “true mobile news organisation”.

See the full video interview below:

Follow Beet.TV’s Online Video Journalism Summit

Beet.TV will be live streaming its Online Video Journalism Summit from the Washington Post today.

The event kicks off at 9am local time and will include a chat with the Post’s political blogger Chris ‘The Fix’ Cillizza and panel discussions about the opportunities in online video news.

You can read more about the event here, follow the Twitter hashtag #beetmeet and watch the live stream on Beet.TV’s Livestream channel.

BeetTV: ‘I didn’t kill newspapers’ says craigslist founder

BeetTV spoke to Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, after a panel organised by I Want Media in Manhattan on June 3.

Newmark said that while his company has had ‘an effect on newspapers,’ the notion that it has killed newspapers is ‘urban legend,’ Andy Plesser reports.

Post and video at this link…