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Beet.TV: The New York Times, real-time advertising and Twitter trending data

Image by petesimon on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Image by petesimon on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Beet.TV has an interesting video with Michael Zimbalist, vice president for research & development, and operations at the New York Times, in which he discusses a new advertising tool called Spark which utilises the Times’s data on stories trending on social media.

According to Beet.TV the tool “serves display advertising into stories as they are trending on Twitter, matched with the demographics of the users who ‘touch’ the story on the social network”.

In the video Zimbalist adds that the Times has been “tracking mentions of Times content in Twitter for a really long time”.

As a result the news outlet has “been able to look at different types of content and different people who spread the content and begin to model out which content will start trending”.

See a video of the discussion below:

[link removed as blip.tv is now deceased]

YouTube launches new trending news feature

YouTube has announced the launch of YouTube Trends, which was officially unveiled last week.

In a more detailed explanation of the new tool yesterday a blog post on the site explains how the new feature will use algorithmically-generated feeds to highlight trending news, topics and videos.

The site also offers a ‘top videos’ module and a blog with more in-depth explorations of videos, trends, news, and cultural phenomena as seen through the lens of YouTube.

We’ve also created a Trends Dashboard that lets you quickly explore what’s popular in different cities in the U.S. and around the world, as well as within specific demographic groups.

Yahoo News tests new ‘Infinite Browse’ feature

Yahoo is testing the water with new features on its news platform which aim to improve the browsing experience of users and offer clear signposting to trending stories and topics, according to a post on the Shaping the Future of the Newspaper blog.

The first feature – “Infinite Browse” – provides a visitor with a small window of search results at the bottom of a news story, offering links to other Yahoo News results based on the same topics, in order to keep visitors inside the Yahoo network. It is currently being tested on a small number of visitors to the site.

The sfn.com blog also mentions a second “Trending Now” feature to be introduced soon.

Yahoo is also bringing trending topics to its Yahoo.com homepage and its network sites that include Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance. The feature, called “Trending Now,” will help users find hot topics of the day and discover related content, according to the Yahoo Blog.

See more at the Yahoo Search Blog on this here…