Miami Herald cancels editorial outsourcing

US daily newspaper the Miami Herald has dropped plans to outsource part of its production operations to India.

Owners the McClatchy Company have backed down on the move to outsource the Herald’s regional Broward Neighbors section, because it would remove ‘news judgement’ from the process.

“We’ve decided this would not be an appropriate use of this service so it won’t be tested, nor will other newsroom and editing design like it,” a memo from Anders Gyllenhaal, Miami Herald executive editor, is reported as saying in a report on

“The more we looked at the prospects of editing and layout from outside the newsroom, the more it was clear these skills involving news judgment and experience are not likely to work well from afar.”

According to the article, other outsourcing projects at the paper, including the production of some advertising sections and monitoring of website comments, will continue.

One thought on “Miami Herald cancels editorial outsourcing

  1. MiamiPR Gal

    As a former writer for The Miami Herald I find it ridiculous to even consider outsourcing the reporting and editing of the newspaper. Where is the community continuity? The value of a reporter is in his or her contacts and personal relationship in the community; the knowledge and history of people, organizations and events. Without this unique and personal perspective, how can the news columns be meaningful to the reader? How can the reader trust what they read?

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