Nokia mobiles gets a multimedia blog publishing application

Telewaving is today launching Wavelog, an application that allows users to post multimedia content directly from Nokia mobile phones to blogs.

The Wavelog system works with s60, the software run on smart Nokia multimedia phones like the N95.

According to the developers the software, which was developed and tested on Nokia N95 mobile phones posting to the WordPress, can run on any blogging platform.

The system sounds similar to the software developed by Nokia and Reuters for their mobile journalism project.

That system allowed journalists to upload multimedia reports from their N95 phones to a back-end WordPress blog that desk editors would then have access to.

The Telewaving system is also able to upload text, images, audio, and video and is able to upload over any network connection (this may just be US networks, though).

2 thoughts on “Nokia mobiles gets a multimedia blog publishing application

  1. Ron

    Wavelog has been tested on all GSM/3G networks and works well over Wi-Fi! Just go to your local Café with Wi-Fi hotspot and upload your audio and videos for free. The only cost is 10$ license for Wavelog. Worth isn’t it?

  2. Matsu

    According to Wavelog version 2 to be released soon will post to Blogger, upload videos to YouTube and photos to Picasa in addition to WordPress, Drupal and Joomla support. It also comes with loads of other new features like geotagging, external tags, HTML coding…

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