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Reflections of a Newsosaur: Miami Herald abandons ‘tip jar’ idea

Alan D Mutter reports on the Miami Herald’s abandoned tip jar scheme, a short-lived attempt to collect voluntary donations from its readers. But the scheme has now been pulled.

Did the comments put the paper off the idea?

“Yeah, I’m going to tip a for-profit business,” said a commenter identified as lucky0111. “I’d rather burn my money.”

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Klickimediablog: A tip jar for the newspaper industry?

Following the Miami Herald’s decision to add a ‘tip jar’ to its website asking readers to donate money to support the paper, Richard R. Klicki asks if this is as desperate a ploy as it sounds or a potential revenue stream:

“Any waiter can tell you that the best tips come from outstanding service. If a newspaper expects to turn over revenue through this method, it must continue to look at what it is offering readers and assure that the content is unique and relevant. It must be of value to the reader in order for the reader to pay for it. There are still a lot of publishers out there that haven’t figured that part out.”

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Hilary Lehman: ‘Being an intern in unsure times’

In a candidly written post, Hilary Lehman shares her thoughts on an internship at the Miami Herald.

“(…)Being an intern during that time was draining. I wasn’t completely a spectator, but I wasn’t participating either. My job wasn’t at stake, and my career wasn’t on the line. As an editor darkly noted later, I didn’t even take a pay cut. But I was watching my future collapse around me.”

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CNN mangles Hurricane Ike headline

Over on Wired Journalists, Rafael Sangiovanni, web producer for the Miami Herald, was quick enough to grab and post a shot of CNN’s questionable headline as Hurricane Ike hit the US.

Hit or miss?

(It’s certainly not going to be a hit for search engines and it looks pretty awkward in my opinion)

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Miami Herald cancels editorial outsourcing

US daily newspaper the Miami Herald has dropped plans to outsource part of its production operations to India.

Owners the McClatchy Company have backed down on the move to outsource the Herald’s regional Broward Neighbors section, because it would remove ‘news judgement’ from the process.

“We’ve decided this would not be an appropriate use of this service so it won’t be tested, nor will other newsroom and editing design like it,” a memo from Anders Gyllenhaal, Miami Herald executive editor, is reported as saying in a report on MiamiHerald.com.

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According to the article, other outsourcing projects at the paper, including the production of some advertising sections and monitoring of website comments, will continue.