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Wolves promotion boosts Express & Star web traffic

Attracting international, ex-pat attention and fans reliving the moment online, sport has shown its ability to drive web traffic to news sites once again with a surge in the Express & Star’s web visitors following the promotion of local football club Wolverhampton Wanderers to the UK’s Premiership.

The site achieved a record 600,000 page views yesterday, with around 330,000 views on the Wolves picture galleries.

“The website chronicles a great day for Wolves fans and we are amazed by the huge interest in it,” said internet editor, Tim Walters, in a statement on the site.

“The traffic on the website was enormous yesterday and today the levels of interest are being maintained.

“The mood of Wolverhampton is dictated by the success or failure of Wolves.

“There is a real feel-good feeling in the city at the moment and people really can’t get enough.”

In addition to coverage in text and picture galleries, an interactive, multimedia timeline was created using Dipity to document the team’s promotion.

Fans boost website hits to 600,000 : Express & Star.

UK regional newspaper picks up US acclaim

The online offering from Wolverhampton’s Express & Star has caught the eye of Matt Mullenweg – founding developer of blogging software WordPress.

On his blog Mullenweg has pointed out that every article and feature of the Express & Star’s site is powered by WordPress.

“They now take the crown from NY Times for having the best URLs of a news site,” writes Mullenweg.

Such favourable comparisons don’t come along every day. Thanks to Chris Leggett, electronic editor for MNA digital, the digital arm of the Midlands News Association behind the Express & Star website, for passing this on.