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Newsquest attracts 4.8m unique users in 2007

According to results release by its parent company Gannett, Newsquest’s network of newspaper websites in the UK recorded 4.8 million unique users last year.

While this is a rise from last May’s ABCe figures – which showed a figure of around 4.5 million unique users to the sites – the numbers seem low, given the portfolio includes over 180 websites, boasting such titles as The Herald in Glasgow, The Press in York and Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus.

Are the numbers smaller than expected? – I’m trying to get hold of someone at Newsquest and I’ll let you know the response.

Update – No one at Newsquest could give me an official comment, as the figures were released by Gannett and not them. One contact, however, did point out to me that whatever the level of traffic announced the fact that Newsquest participates in the ABCe audit gives a reliable point of reference.

Newsquest, Northcliffe, Kent Online and the Midlands News Association are the only regional news publishers to have their sites audited – where are the other players?

UK regional newspaper picks up US acclaim

The online offering from Wolverhampton’s Express & Star has caught the eye of Matt Mullenweg – founding developer of blogging software WordPress.

On his blog Mullenweg has pointed out that every article and feature of the Express & Star’s site is powered by WordPress.

“They now take the crown from NY Times for having the best URLs of a news site,” writes Mullenweg.

Such favourable comparisons don’t come along every day. Thanks to Chris Leggett, electronic editor for MNA digital, the digital arm of the Midlands News Association behind the Express & Star website, for passing this on.