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True/Slant: How WikiLeaks protects itself

The True/Slant blog first picks up the Daily Beast’s piece on the US government’s alleged pursuit of Wikileaks editor Julian Assange.

Then True/Slant’s Colin Hargen looks at what protection Wikileaks has:

In effect, Assange has been quite clever in setting up WikiLeaks as a media organization and by using credited journalists as conduits for leaked material. What it means for the U.S. government is that it will be very difficult to prosecute WikiLeaks or Assange for whatever role either played (if any) in the alleged leaking of the diplomatic cables.

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True/Slant: Conor Friedersdorf’s best journalism of 2009

I enjoyed going through some of this list at the weekend: Conor Friedersdorf’s favourite journalism (mainly US-based) of last year, published on True/Slant. He says:

[T]his isn’t an infallible account of journalism’s best, but I aim to make it the best roundup that any one person can offer, one of these years I intend to do better than the committees who pick the Pulitzer Prizes and National Magazine Awards (the pressure‚Äôs on, especially since you guys charge entry fees), and if nothing else my effort encompasses writing that is well worth your time.

It’s an inspiring list: from profiles like ‘Held by the Taliban’ by the New York Times’ David Rohde; to quirker finds, such as ‘The Anatomy of a Smear: How The Reigning King of Special Effects Got Caught in One’ by John Mayer, in the media criticism section.

The Best of Journalism (2009) list at this link…

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WashingtonPost.com: True/Slant – mapping a new relationship

Howard Kurtz takes a look at True/Slant, a website ‘that is mapping a new relationship between journalists, readers and advertisers’:

“Lewis Dvorkin, founder of the site, which officially launches today after a trial run, makes no apologies for throwing out the old model. ‘It’s tailored for the entrepreneurial journalist,’ he says. ‘We’re enabling and empowering journalists to develop their own brand.'”

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