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Posthumous byline

While pre-prepared obituaries are standard practice, it was a little surreal to see an obituary of Michael Foot by Mervyn Jones (d. 23 February 2010) in the print edition of the Guardian on 4 March 2010, the Tribune’s diary notes. An obituary for Jones, who was Michael Foot’s biographer, had appeared in the Guardian on 25 February. The deaths were so close together, the Tribune says, it had to run its own tributes in the same edition.

Journalism Daily: Amish media, James Murdoch’s speech and the Bastiat online shortlist

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Newsandtech.com: San Diego Union-Tribune finally abandons manual pagination

The San Diego Union-Tribune, the last major metro in the United States to put together its pages manually, will finally – after 140 years – move to a new content management system.

Newsandtech.com reports:

“[T]he paper goes live on a 250-seat Atex Prestige content management system in November.”

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Lost Remote: TV stations offered do-it-yourself video advertorials

US firm Mixpo has created a DIY video platform to enable small businesses to create video advertorials. The company has now partnered with US broadcasters NBC Local Media, Tribune, Fisher, Freedom Communications and TownNews.com.

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Editor&Publisher: Tribune had warned Google to stop crawling newspaper sites before United Airlines story

The resurfacing of a six-year-old Tribune Co article, which caused a severe drop in share prices for United Airlines, is being blamed squarely on search engines by the publisher.

Tribune has said it asked Google to stop crawling its newspaper websites ‘months ago’.

The story came to light after a single user accessed the story on the Florida Sun Sentinel’s website at a period of low traffic, the publisher claimed.

This single user was enough to push the story to the top of the paper’s most viewed articles, where it subsequently came to the attention of Google’s crawlers.