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Newsandtech.com: San Diego Union-Tribune finally abandons manual pagination

The San Diego Union-Tribune, the last major metro in the United States to put together its pages manually, will finally – after 140 years – move to a new content management system.

Newsandtech.com reports:

“[T]he paper goes live on a 250-seat Atex Prestige content management system in November.”

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voiceofsandiego.org: San Diego-Union editor launches non-profit investigative project

Lorie Hearn, a senior editor at the Union-Tribune, is leaving the title to oversee The Watchdog Institute, which will offer ‘data-driven investigative journalism’, according to this voiceofsandiego.org report.

The venture will be supported through donations and grants and will operate independently from the Union-Tribune.

Exclusive parties, such as the Union-Tribune, will have first access to stories generated by the institute, which will then be made available to other media organisations.

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