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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange nominated for Time person of the year

Founder of the whistleblowing website behind the Iraq war logs leak Julian Assange is in the running for Time magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year.

The WikiLeaks editor is part of a varied shortlist, which includes controversial broadcaster Glenn Beck, the Chilean Miners, Lady Gaga, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and “The Unemployed American”. The magazine will select a person, group, couple, idea, place etc that for better or worse has been most influential in 2010.

At time of writing, Assange was leading the polls in terms of total votes, but behind the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in terms of influence rating.

FT.com: US magazines planning digital store

Time Inc is reportedly at the front of an industry-wide plan to launch a digital store for magazines in 2010.

Talks have been held with Conde Nast and Hearst about the project, which could provide a new digital revenue stream for the groups, according to the FT.

The ‘digital storefront’, which could also feature other publications and newspapers, would take inspiration from online video service Hulu with the venture financed by its partners.

The service could offer more personalisation tools and additional content to resist merely replicating the title’s print editions.

Similar ventures have met with mixed fortunes: in the UK, digital magazine store Magazines On Demand closed in June. However, e-edition specialists Yudu Media launched its Yudu Store in August.

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Time’s most influential list hacked

Catching up on news from last week that a plan to source Time magazine’s ‘100 most influential people’ list via an online poll was itself influenced by a group of hackers, reports the Industry Standard.

The group rigged the votes to spell out a message (‘marblecake also the game’ (too cryptic for me – ed)) – see here for Paul Lamere’s post on how the hack was done (and what it has to do with cake).

Charlie Rose: The future of newspapers [video]

A conversation about the future of newspapers with Walter Isaacson of Time (who believes micropayments can save newspapers), Robert Thomson of Wall Street Journal and Mort Zuckerman of The New York Daily News.

WashingtonPost.com: ‘The survival strategy’ of newsmags

Howard Kurtz takes a look at magazines Time and Newsweek, and asks ‘do newsmags still matter?’

“The rival editors are turning out weeklies that are smaller, more serious, more opinionated and, though they are loath to admit it, more liberal,” writes Kurtz.

“It is nothing less than a survival strategy,” he says.

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