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PageSuite lands 40 title publishing deal with bizjournals

UK based digital publishers PageSuite have landed a deal with America’s largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers, American City Business Journals. The company will launch of all 40 of their bizjournal titles online, using PageSuite as their provider.

Bizjournals cover 40 industries, distributed across 41 cities and their websites have more than eight million unique visitors per month. “Our production teams have found the software to be very flexible and user friendly,” commented Eric Mick from bizjournals, in a release.

PageSuite already publishes digital editions for some of the world’s biggest newspapers including Metro Canada, Metro UK & Ireland, San Francisco Examiner, Express Newspapers, The Guardian Weekly & Brazil’s largest daily newspaper Zero Hora.

Guardian Weekly offers subscription deal via Twitter

We write about Twitter and its applications for journalism and publishing a lot.

But a tweet from @guardianweekly, the twitter account for the Guardian’s weekly international newspaper, caught Journalism.co.uk’s eye this week:

Guardian Weekly Twitter update

The promised deal has been introduced – four weeks for free and 50% off an initial three-month subscription – and around 100 people have aleady clicked through to the sign-up page, editor Natalie Bennett told Journalism.co.uk.

“We started out on Twitter not quite sure what it was. But now there are a lot of people following us and we’re picking up our kind of people. Many of these might not have an a subscription however,” said Bennett.

As such, using Twitter is a great way to cross promote and suggest the offline edition to a different online audience, she says.

While the Guardian Weekly team won’t have the figures through for a while on which Twitter followers have made the leap to a subscription – this doesn’t matter, says Bennett: “Twitter doesn’t actually cost us anything, so the conversion doesn’t have to be particularly huge.”