Guardian Weekly offers subscription deal via Twitter

We write about Twitter and its applications for journalism and publishing a lot.

But a tweet from @guardianweekly, the twitter account for the Guardian’s weekly international newspaper, caught’s eye this week:

Guardian Weekly Twitter update

The promised deal has been introduced – four weeks for free and 50% off an initial three-month subscription – and around 100 people have aleady clicked through to the sign-up page, editor Natalie Bennett told

“We started out on Twitter not quite sure what it was. But now there are a lot of people following us and we’re picking up our kind of people. Many of these might not have an a subscription however,” said Bennett.

As such, using Twitter is a great way to cross promote and suggest the offline edition to a different online audience, she says.

While the Guardian Weekly team won’t have the figures through for a while on which Twitter followers have made the leap to a subscription – this doesn’t matter, says Bennett: “Twitter doesn’t actually cost us anything, so the conversion doesn’t have to be particularly huge.”

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