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E&P: New Jersey newspaper prints governor’s leaked emails in full

Editor&Publisher takes a look at the aftermath of New Jersey newspaper the Sunday Star-Ledger‘s two-year battle to get hold of emails between the state’s former governor and an ex-girlfriend – emails which were denied to a political opponent by New Jersey’s supreme court last year.

E&P hears from Josh Margolin, the reporter who broke the story this weekend, about the material uncovered and the immediate impact following publication.

Teased atop the Saturday edition and occupying almost all of Sunday’s page one and six entire inside pages, the package consisted of an in-depth write-up accompanied by all 123 e-mails received by the newspaper, with only very minor edits for obscenity and relevance. The investment in paper and ink preserves not only every intimate detail and typo, but also, as the story notes, “clear discussion of state business.”

From the Star-Ledger’s statehouse bureau, Josh Margolin supplied background and a long look at the issues that brought the e-mails into play. The communications stretched over two months in early 2007, when Corzine was in contract negotiations with several state workers’ unions. Lawyer and former girlfriend Carla Katz was the president of one of them, the Communications Workers of America’s largest local.

In a video interview with NJ.com’s Ledger Live, Margolin – in a move which in part reflects that of WikiLeaks last week – said the paper decided to publish the emails in their entirety because they wanted readers to make their own judgement, not the reporter.

The reason why we’re running so much of the content in our newspaper is because we want people to understand what it is. This is one of those cases we’re trying to remove as much of the reporter filter as much as possible.

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Star-Ledger wins three Emmy Awards for videojournalism

Last month Journalism.co.uk spoke with Seth Siditsky, assistant managing editor for visuals at US regional newspaper the Star-Ledger about its approach to video and how its videojournalism had been nominated for seven Emmy Awards.

At the weekend, the paper won three awards in the sports online, public/current/community affairs and writer/producer categories. Brian Donohue, host of LedgerLive, the evolution of which Siditsky explained to Journalism.co.uk, took the writer/producer accolade.

Siditsky told us last month:

Video here is more entrenched in this newspaper than it’s ever been. It hasn’t necessarily turned an advertising corner and I think we’ve realised that this isn’t going to be the magic bullet. But does that mean it doesn’t have value? I think it has value as a medium unto itself and is a way for us to tell stories that can be as good or possibly even better than ways that organisations were traditionally doing before.

Editor&Publisher: Star-Ledger to outsource local news to new service

The US paper will partner an as yet unestablished news service, being created by former Star-Ledger managing editor Rick Everett, for local news coverage.

The new organisation is expected to hire around 30 reporters, including college students. The collaboration will boost the paper’s coverage after it lost 151 newsroom staff last year.

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Roy Greenslade: whole editorial board quits NJ Star-Ledger

A paper known for its online innovation, like John Hassell’s Expoding Newsroom, now sees its entire editorial board leave.

Greenslade reports via FollowTheMedia that the entire editorial board – except for the cartoonist – have accepted redundancy terms at New Jersey’s Star-Ledger.

“The board (who are responsible for the comment and opinion pages) are among 151 editorial staff, about 45 per cent of the newsroom, leaving the paper,” Greenslade reports.

Images from a newsroom: the Star-Ledger gets webcast ready

John Hassell, online editor at the Star-Ledger newspaper, has posted pictures of the Ledger’s newsroom as it prepares for its new webcast news show.

The noon bulletin, which will be launched this summer, is being developed with help from Michael Rosenblum, who helped build Current.tv.

Check out Hassell’s pics on Flickr.