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Google to plot New York Times stories on Google Earth

image of ny times stories plotted on google earth

Some New York Times stories will be plotted geographically, in real time, on Google Earth.

“The New York Times offers geo-coded news, and Google Earth offers the platform for reading that news in a 3D browser. This is the first time we’ve endeavoured to show news updated in real time, and we’re very excited to work with this first-class publication to bring you the latest and greatest news,” claims the Lat Long Blog – written by the Google Earth and mapping teams.

The map allows users overlay a NYT news layer so that when they to fly around the earth, relevant news for the place they are hovering over appears.

This is just the latest iteration in a growing obsession by large news businesses to get their news mapped. It isn’t a million miles away from Metacarta’s Geosearch News – a site mapping over 14000 daily news stories across the globe.

That map lets users specify a place-of-interest and returns mapped search results presented in order of relevance – as determined by a combination of keywords and the specified location.